Commit 14ccfe08 authored by Leander Schulten's avatar Leander Schulten
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In the generated module code the methods are declared to be "override"

Insert property code to use the properties in the start method
parent a599650f
......@@ -61,16 +61,16 @@ CodeEditorHelper::CodeEditorHelper(){
QString generateProgrammCode(){
QString code = "int getProgrammLengthInMS(){\n\treturn Program::Infinite;\n}\n\n";
code += "void start(){\n\t\n}\n\n";
code += "ProgramState doStep(time_diff_t diff_ms){\n\treturn {false/*finished*/,true/*output changed*/};\n}\n\n";
QString code = "int getProgrammLengthInMS()override{\n\treturn Program::Infinite;\n}\n\n";
code += "void start()override{\n\t\n}\n\n";
code += "ProgramState doStep(time_diff_t diff_ms)override{\n\treturn {false/*finished*/,true/*output changed*/};\n}\n\n";
return code;
QString generateFilterCode(){
QString code = "unsigned int computeOutputLength(unsigned int inputLength){\n\treturn inputLength;\n}\n\n";
code += "void filter(){\n\t\n}\n\n";
code += "bool doStep(time_diff_t diff_ms){\n\treturn false/*output changed*/;\n}\n\n";
QString code = "unsigned int computeOutputLength(unsigned int inputLength)override{\n\treturn inputLength;\n}\n\n";
code += "void filter()override{\n\t\n}\n\n";
code += "bool doStep(time_diff_t diff_ms)override{\n\treturn false/*output changed*/;\n}\n\n";
return code;
......@@ -237,7 +237,10 @@ std::vector<int> findPropertyInsertionPoints(const QString &userCode){
std::vector<int> pos;
int lastIndex = 0;
while (lastIndex>=0) {
int index = userCode.indexOf("filter",lastIndex);
// BUG: Wenn die Reihenfolge zb. doStep filter ist, wird das filter nicht erkannt
int index = userCode.indexOf("start",lastIndex);
index = userCode.indexOf("filter",lastIndex);
index = userCode.indexOf("doStep",lastIndex);
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