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Metadata-Version: 1.2
Name: pip
Version: 19.0.3
Summary: The PyPA recommended tool for installing Python packages.
Author: The pip developers
License: MIT
Description: pip - The Python Package Installer
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pip is the `package installer`_ for Python. You can use pip to install packages from the `Python Package Index`_ and other indexes.
Please take a look at our documentation for how to install and use pip:
* `Installation`_
* `Usage`_
* `Release notes`_
If you find bugs, need help, or want to talk to the developers please use our mailing lists or chat rooms:
* `Issue tracking`_
* `Discourse channel`_
* `User IRC`_
If you want to get involved head over to GitHub to get the source code and feel free to jump on the developer mailing lists and chat rooms:
* `GitHub page`_
* `Dev mailing list`_
* `Dev IRC`_
Code of Conduct
Everyone interacting in the pip project's codebases, issue trackers, chat
rooms, and mailing lists is expected to follow the `PyPA Code of Conduct`_.
.. _package installer:
.. _Python Package Index:
.. _Installation:
.. _Usage:
.. _Release notes:
.. _GitHub page:
.. _Issue tracking:
.. _Discourse channel:
.. _Dev mailing list:!forum/pypa-dev
.. _User IRC:
.. _Dev IRC:
.. _PyPA Code of Conduct:
Keywords: distutils easy_install egg setuptools wheel virtualenv
Platform: UNKNOWN
Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
Classifier: License :: OSI Approved :: MIT License
Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Build Tools
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.4
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.5
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.6
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: 3.7
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: CPython
Classifier: Programming Language :: Python :: Implementation :: PyPy
Requires-Python: >=2.7,!=3.0.*,!=3.1.*,!=3.2.*,!=3.3.*
pip = pip._internal:main
pip3 = pip._internal:main
pip3.7 = pip._internal:main
from __future__ import absolute_import
import os
import sys
# If we are running from a wheel, add the wheel to sys.path
# This allows the usage python pip-*.whl/pip install pip-*.whl
if __package__ == '':
# __file__ is pip-*.whl/pip/
# first dirname call strips of '/', second strips off '/pip'
# Resulting path is the name of the wheel itself
# Add that to sys.path so we can import pip
path = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(__file__))
sys.path.insert(0, path)
from pip._internal import main as _main # isort:skip # noqa
if __name__ == '__main__':
#!/usr/bin/env python
from __future__ import absolute_import
import locale
import logging
import os
import warnings
import sys
# 2016-06-17 urllib3 1.14 added optional support for socks,
# but if invoked (i.e. imported), it will issue a warning to stderr if socks
# isn't available. requests unconditionally imports urllib3's socks contrib
# module, triggering this warning. The warning breaks DEP-8 tests (because of
# the stderr output) and is just plain annoying in normal usage. I don't want
# to add socks as yet another dependency for pip, nor do I want to allow-stder
# in the DEP-8 tests, so just suppress the warning. pdb tells me this has to
# be done before the import of pip.vcs.
from pip._vendor.urllib3.exceptions import DependencyWarning
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", category=DependencyWarning) # noqa
# We want to inject the use of SecureTransport as early as possible so that any
# references or sessions or what have you are ensured to have it, however we
# only want to do this in the case that we're running on macOS and the linked
# OpenSSL is too old to handle TLSv1.2
import ssl
except ImportError:
# Checks for OpenSSL 1.0.1 on MacOS
if sys.platform == "darwin" and ssl.OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER < 0x1000100f:
from pip._vendor.urllib3.contrib import securetransport
except (ImportError, OSError):
from pip._internal.cli.autocompletion import autocomplete
from pip._internal.cli.main_parser import parse_command
from pip._internal.commands import commands_dict
from pip._internal.exceptions import PipError
from pip._internal.utils import deprecation
from pip._internal.vcs import git, mercurial, subversion, bazaar # noqa
from pip._vendor.urllib3.exceptions import InsecureRequestWarning
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
# Hide the InsecureRequestWarning from urllib3
warnings.filterwarnings("ignore", category=InsecureRequestWarning)
def main(args=None):
if args is None:
args = sys.argv[1:]
# Configure our deprecation warnings to be sent through loggers
cmd_name, cmd_args = parse_command(args)
except PipError as exc:
sys.stderr.write("ERROR: %s" % exc)
# Needed for locale.getpreferredencoding(False) to work
# in pip._internal.utils.encoding.auto_decode
locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')
except locale.Error as e:
# setlocale can apparently crash if locale are uninitialized
logger.debug("Ignoring error %s when setting locale", e)
command = commands_dict[cmd_name](isolated=("--isolated" in cmd_args))
return command.main(cmd_args)
"""Build Environment used for isolation during sdist building
import logging
import os
import sys
import textwrap
from collections import OrderedDict
from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib
from sysconfig import get_paths
from pip._vendor.pkg_resources import Requirement, VersionConflict, WorkingSet
from pip import __file__ as pip_location
from pip._internal.utils.misc import call_subprocess
from pip._internal.utils.temp_dir import TempDirectory
from pip._internal.utils.typing import MYPY_CHECK_RUNNING
from pip._internal.utils.ui import open_spinner
from typing import Tuple, Set, Iterable, Optional, List # noqa: F401
from pip._internal.index import PackageFinder # noqa: F401
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class _Prefix:
def __init__(self, path):
# type: (str) -> None
self.path = path
self.setup = False
self.bin_dir = get_paths(
'nt' if == 'nt' else 'posix_prefix',
vars={'base': path, 'platbase': path}
# Note: prefer distutils' sysconfig to get the
# library paths so PyPy is correctly supported.
purelib = get_python_lib(plat_specific=False, prefix=path)
platlib = get_python_lib(plat_specific=True, prefix=path)
if purelib == platlib:
self.lib_dirs = [purelib]
self.lib_dirs = [purelib, platlib]
class BuildEnvironment(object):
"""Creates and manages an isolated environment to install build deps
def __init__(self):
# type: () -> None
self._temp_dir = TempDirectory(kind="build-env")
self._prefixes = OrderedDict((
(name, _Prefix(os.path.join(self._temp_dir.path, name)))
for name in ('normal', 'overlay')
self._bin_dirs = [] # type: List[str]
self._lib_dirs = [] # type: List[str]
for prefix in reversed(list(self._prefixes.values())):
# Customize site to:
# - ensure .pth files are honored
# - prevent access to system site packages
system_sites = {
os.path.normcase(site) for site in (
self._site_dir = os.path.join(self._temp_dir.path, 'site')
if not os.path.exists(self._site_dir):
with open(os.path.join(self._site_dir, ''), 'w') as fp:
import os, site, sys
# First, drop system-sites related paths.
original_sys_path = sys.path[:]
known_paths = set()
for path in {system_sites!r}:
site.addsitedir(path, known_paths=known_paths)
system_paths = set(
for path in sys.path[len(original_sys_path):]
original_sys_path = [
path for path in original_sys_path
if os.path.normcase(path) not in system_paths
sys.path = original_sys_path
# Second, add lib directories.
# ensuring .pth file are processed.
for path in {lib_dirs!r}:
assert not path in sys.path
).format(system_sites=system_sites, lib_dirs=self._lib_dirs))
def __enter__(self):
self._save_env = {
name: os.environ.get(name, None)
path = self._bin_dirs[:]
old_path = self._save_env['PATH']
if old_path:
pythonpath = [self._site_dir]
'PATH': os.pathsep.join(path),
'PYTHONPATH': os.pathsep.join(pythonpath),
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
for varname, old_value in self._save_env.items():
if old_value is None:
os.environ.pop(varname, None)
os.environ[varname] = old_value
def cleanup(self):
# type: () -> None
def check_requirements(self, reqs):
# type: (Iterable[str]) -> Tuple[Set[Tuple[str, str]], Set[str]]
"""Return 2 sets:
- conflicting requirements: set of (installed, wanted) reqs tuples
- missing requirements: set of reqs
missing = set()
conflicting = set()
if reqs:
ws = WorkingSet(self._lib_dirs)
for req in reqs:
if ws.find(Requirement.parse(req)) is None:
except VersionConflict as e:
return conflicting, missing
def install_requirements(
finder, # type: PackageFinder
requirements, # type: Iterable[str]
prefix_as_string, # type: str
message # type: Optional[str]
# type: (...) -> None
prefix = self._prefixes[prefix_as_string]
assert not prefix.setup
prefix.setup = True
if not requirements:
args = [
sys.executable, os.path.dirname(pip_location), 'install',
'--ignore-installed', '--no-user', '--prefix', prefix.path,
] # type: List[str]
if logger.getEffectiveLevel() <= logging.DEBUG:
for format_control in ('no_binary', 'only_binary'):
formats = getattr(finder.format_control, format_control)
args.extend(('--' + format_control.replace('_', '-'),
','.join(sorted(formats or {':none:'}))))
if finder.index_urls:
args.extend(['-i', finder.index_urls[0]])
for extra_index in finder.index_urls[1:]:
args.extend(['--extra-index-url', extra_index])
for link in finder.find_links:
args.extend(['--find-links', link])
for _, host, _ in finder.secure_origins:
args.extend(['--trusted-host', host])
if finder.allow_all_prereleases:
with open_spinner(message) as spinner:
call_subprocess(args, show_stdout=False, spinner=spinner)
class NoOpBuildEnvironment(BuildEnvironment):
"""A no-op drop-in replacement for BuildEnvironment
def __init__(self):
def __enter__(self):
def __exit__(self, exc_type, exc_val, exc_tb):
def cleanup(self):
def install_requirements(self, finder, requirements, prefix, message):
raise NotImplementedError()
"""Cache Management
import errno
import hashlib
import logging
import os
from pip._vendor.packaging.utils import canonicalize_name
from import path_to_url
from import Link
from pip._internal.utils.compat import expanduser
from pip._internal.utils.temp_dir import TempDirectory
from pip._internal.utils.typing import MYPY_CHECK_RUNNING
from pip._internal.wheel import InvalidWheelFilename, Wheel
from typing import Optional, Set, List, Any # noqa: F401
from pip._internal.index import FormatControl # noqa: F401
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
class Cache(object):
"""An abstract class - provides cache directories for data from links
:param cache_dir: The root of the cache.
:param format_control: An object of FormatControl class to limit
binaries being read from the cache.
:param allowed_formats: which formats of files the cache should store.
('binary' and 'source' are the only allowed values)
def __init__(self, cache_dir, format_control, allowed_formats):
# type: (str, FormatControl, Set[str]) -> None
super(Cache, self).__init__()
self.cache_dir = expanduser(cache_dir) if cache_dir else None
self.format_control = format_control
self.allowed_formats = allowed_formats