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# Miraculix
A handy tool for all your examination processes at RWTH Aachen University.
A library for all your examination processes at RWTH Aachen University.
This repository includes both, the raw source code you can use for developing
your own scripts, as well as the graphical and command line interfaces whith which
you might start right away.
You can use this library to write your own Python scripts. With this, you can automate tasks such as:
* Creating examination protocols for written exams
* Automated room assignment for participants
* Exporting easy to use .csv files for the use in Microsoft Excel
* Automated evaluation and assignment of grades
* Native import and export to RWTHOnline
## Getting started
Miraculix is build in Python 3.x and relies on some external packages.
Fortunately, you only need to have Python 3.x installed, since all important
dependencies are included within an virtual environment.
To use the graphical user interface, you need a running version of Qt5 installed
on your system. Most of the recent Linux distributions come with a preinstalled
version of Qt5. If you do not have Qt5 availabel, follow the description below.
### Install Python 3.x
#### Linux
Usually, Python 3.x is already included within the standard installation of linux.
......@@ -27,26 +26,10 @@ To install Python 3.x on Windows machines, please go to [](https://www
and download the Windows installation file for the latest release. The installation client will guide you through
the installation process.
### Install Qt5
#### Linux
If you are using KDE Plasma as your desktop environment, you are lucky since
KDE Plasma comes with Qt5. If not, you can get the software e.g. using apt by typing:
sudo apt-get install qt5-default
#### Windows
If you are running on Windows, go to the [Qt website]( You will
find all further information on how to download and install Qt5 there.
## Documentation
You can find the documentation to this software within the Gitlab-Wiki.
## First Steps
There are three options you can choose to work with the Miraculix software.
* Writing your own python scripts, using the build in classes and functions
* Using the graphical user interface (GUI) - currently not available
* Using the command line interface (CLI) - currently not available
If you want to write your own simple scripts to manage your examination process,
you can find a simple example in the examples directory of this project. This example
is well documented and will guide you through the main stages of your examination
......@@ -57,8 +40,6 @@ process. These are e.g.
* Exporting final grades to RWTHOnline
* ...
Examples on how to work with the GUI and CLI will be provided, once they are implemented.
## For Developers
### Running test
Unfortunately, there haven't been implemented any tests until now.
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