Commit f7d2a2df authored by C. Albrecht's avatar C. Albrecht
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parent 234340f8
......@@ -48,8 +48,8 @@ def configure_credentials_parser(parser):
help="Specifiy the scope (email is default)")
cfi_parser, cui_parser = configure_client_parser(parser)
cfi_ufi_parser, cfi_uui_parser = configure_user_parser(cfi_parser)
cui_ufi_parser, cui_uui_parser = configure_user_parser(cui_parser)
__cfi_ufi_parser, __cfi_uui_parser = configure_user_parser(cfi_parser)
__cui_ufi_parser, __cui_uui_parser = configure_user_parser(cui_parser)
return parser
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