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complete dt factory

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......@@ -49,6 +49,12 @@
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.sites.mill.mill import Mill
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.sites.mill.papermill import Papermill
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.sites.mill.sawmill import Sawmill
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.woods.wood import Wood
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.woods.stem_segment import StemSegment
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.woods.wood_pile import WoodPile
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.forest.forest import Forest
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.forest.forest_segment import ForestSegment
from ml.fml40.roles.dts.forest.tree import Tree
from import Association
from import Composite
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