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from ml.identifier import ID """This module implements the role class."""
from abc import ABC
import sys import sys
from abc import ABC
from ml.identifier import ID
class Role(ABC): class Role(ABC):
"""Each Role class manages a role which can be assigned to things."""
def __init__(self, name="", identifier=""): def __init__(self, name="", identifier=""):
"""Constructs a new Role class object with the given name and
:param name: Name of the feature
:param identifier: Identifier of the feature
self.__identifier = ID(identifier).identifier self.__identifier = ID(identifier).identifier
self.__name = name self.__name = name
# TODO: Remove code duplication (
if 'ml\\fml40' in sys.modules[self.__class__.__module__].__file__: if 'ml\\fml40' in sys.modules[self.__class__.__module__].__file__:
self.__class_name = "fml40::{}".format(self.__class__.__name__) self.__class_name = "fml40::{}".format(self.__class__.__name__)
else: else:
...@@ -14,22 +27,53 @@ def __init__(self, name="", identifier=""): ...@@ -14,22 +27,53 @@ def __init__(self, name="", identifier=""):
@property @property
def class_name(self): def class_name(self):
"""Sets __class_name to value.
:param value: New class name
return self.__class_name return self.__class_name
@property @property
def name(self): def name(self):
"""Returns the object's name.
:returns: Name of the object
:rtype: str
return self.__name return self.__name
@name.setter @name.setter
def name(self, value): def name(self, value):
"""Sets __name to value.
:param value: New name
self.__name = value self.__name = value
@property @property
def identifier(self): def identifier(self):
"""Returns the object's indentifier.
:returns: Identifier
:rtype: str
return self.__identifier return self.__identifier
@identifier.setter @identifier.setter
def identifier(self, value): def identifier(self, value):
"""Builds an ID object from value and assigns the resulting identifier
to __identifier.
:param value: Proposal of the identifier
self.__identifier = ID(value).identifier self.__identifier = ID(value).identifier
def to_json(self): def to_json(self):
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