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ENH: Added documentation for felly

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"""This module implements the class Fells."""
from ml.ml40.features.functionalities.functionality import Functionality
from import TreeData
from import FellingJob
class Fells(Functionality):
"""This functionality signalizes that FellingJobs can be processed and
offers the possibility to fell trees."""
def __init__(self, name="", identifier=""):
"""Initializes the object.
:param name: Object name
:param identifier: Identifier
def executeFellingJob(self, job: FellingJob):
"""Executes the given FellingJob.
:param FellingJob: Specification of the job
print("i am executing the felling job {}".format(job))
def fell(self, tree_data: TreeData):
"""Fells the tree specified by tree_data
:param tree_data: Description of the tree.
print("i am felling the tree {}".format(tree_data))
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