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"""This modules provides the ID class which can be used to build s3i
specific identifiers."""
import uuid
class ID:
Define primitive variable type ID
"""Define primitive variable type ID."""
def __init__(self, identifier=""):
"""Constructs an ID object with the given identifier.
:param identifier: Proposal of the identifier
# TODO validate identifier
if identifier != "" and self.is_valid_uuid(identifier.replace("s3i:", "")):
is_valid = self.is_valid_uuid(identifier.replace("s3i:", ""))
if identifier != "" and is_valid:
self.__identifier = identifier
self.__identifier = "s3i:{}".format(uuid.uuid4())
def identifier(self):
"""Returns the identifier.
:returns: Identifier
:rtype: str
return self.__identifier
def is_valid_uuid(uuid_to_test, version=4):
"""Returns true if uuid_to_test is a valid uuid, otherwise return
:param uuid_to_test: Uuid to be tested
:param version: Uuid version
:returns: Test result
:rtype: bool
uuid_obj = uuid.UUID(uuid_to_test, version=version)
except ValueError:
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