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  • 0.8.2
  • 0.8.1
    release 0.8.1 with jupyterhub 0.9.5
  • 0.8.0
    a59cf293 · release 0.8.0 ·
    release 0.8.0
  • 0.8.0-beta.1
    24dc9ef1 · 0.8.0-beta.1 ·
  • 0.8.0b1
    54bff2b2 · 0.8.0b1 ·
  • 0.7.0
    1c28d796 · release 0.7.0 ·
    release 0.7
  • 0.7.0-beta.2
    2ca99e24 · tag 0.7.0-beta.2 ·
    release 0.7.0-beta.2
  • v0.7.0-beta.1
    68d87c24 · release v0.7.0-beta.1 ·
    release 0.7.0-beta.1
  • v0.6
    This release is primarily focused on better support
    for Autoscaling, Microsoft Azure support & better
    default security. There are also a number of bug fixes
    and configurability improvements!
    In prior versions (v0.5), if you wanted to disable the pre-puller,
    you would use:
       enabled: false
    Now, to disable the pre-puller, you need to use:
         enabled: false
    See the [pre-puller docs]( for more info!
    This release does not require any special steps to upgrade from v0.5. See the [upgrade documentation](
    for general upgrading steps.
    If you are running v0.4 of the chart, you should upgrade to v0.5 first
    before upgrading to v0.6. You can find out what version you are using
    by running `helm list`.
    z2jh is more secure by default with 0.6. We now
    block access to cloud security metadata endpoints by
    See the [security documentation]( for more details. It has seen a number of improvements, and we recommend
    you read through it!
    Some cloud providers support the [kubernetes node autoscaler](,
    which can add / remove nodes depending on how much your
    cluster is being used. In this release, we made a few
    changes to let z2jh interact better with the autoscaler!
    - Configure z2jh to ['pack' your users](
      onto nodes, rather than 'spread' them across nodes.
    - A ['continuous' pre-puller](
      that allows user images to
      be pulled on new nodes easily, leading to faster startup
      times for users on new nodes. ([link])
    - Hub and Proxy pod will not be disrupted by autoscaler,
      by using [PodDisruptionBudget]( The Hub & Proxy will also stick
      together if possible, thus minimizing the number of nodes
      that can not be downsized by the autoscaler.
    There is more work to be done for good autoscaling support,
    but this is a good start!
    Azure's new managed Kubernetes service ([AKS]( is much
    better supported by this version!
    - We have much better documentation on using z2jh with Azure!
    - We rewrote our pre-puller so it works on Azure (previously it did not)
    Azure AKS is still in preview mode, so be aware of that
    before using it in any production workloads!
    See the [setting up Kubernetes on Microsoft AKS]( section for more information.
    We now have better documentation and bug fixes for configurability!
    - `extraConfig` can be a dictionary instead of just a
      string. This helps when you have to split your `config.yaml`
      into multiple files for complex deployments
    - How user storage works by default is [better documented](
    - Reading config in `extraConfig` from `extraConfigMap` now actually works!
    - You can configure the URL that users are directed to after they log in.
      This allows [defaulting users to JupyterLab](
    - You can pre-pull multiple images now, for custom configuration that needs multiple images
    - [Better instructions](
      on pre-populating your user's filesystem using [nbgitpuller](
    _(excerpt from
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    She was named [ICC Female Cricketer of the Year]( in 2017.
    This release wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful contributors
    to the [zero-to-jupyterhub](,
    and [KubeSpawner]( repos.
    We'd like to thank everyone who contributed in any form - Issues, commenting
    on issues, PRs and reviews since the last Zero to JupyterHub release.
    In alphabetical order,
    - [Aaron Culich](
    - [Anirudh Ramanathan](
    - [Antoine Dao](
    - [BerserkerTroll](
    - [Carol Willing](
    - [Chris Holdgraf](
    - [Christian Mesh](
    - [Erik Sundell](
    - [forbxy](
    - [Graham Dumpleton](
    - [gweis](
    - [Ian Allison](
    - [Jason Kuruzovich](
    - [Jesse Kinkead](
    - [madanam1](
    - [Matthew Rocklin](
    - [Matthias Bussonnier](
    - [Min RK](
    - [Ryan Lovett](
    - [Simon Li](
    - [Steve Buckingham](
    - [Steven Normore](
    - [Tim Head](
    - [Yuvi Panda](
    - [ZachGlassman](
  • v0.5-doc
    v0.5 docs freeze
  • v0.5
    v0.5: "Hamid Hassan"
    JupyterHub 0.8, HTTPS & scalability.
    See the [upgrade documentation]( for upgrade steps.
    JupyterHub 0.8 is full of new features - see [CHANGELOG](
    for more details. Specific features made to benefit this chart are:
    1. No more 'too many redirects' errors at scale.
    2. Lots of performance improvements, we now know we can handle up to 4k active users
    3. Concurrent spawn limits (set via `hub.concurrentSpawnLimit`) can be used to limit the concurrent
       number of users who can try to launch on the hub at any given time. This can be
       tuned to avoid crashes when hundreds of users try to launch at the same time. It gives
       them a friendly error message + asks them to try later, rather than spinning forever.
    4. Active Server limit (set via `hub.activeServerLimit`) can be used to limit the
       total number of active users that can be using the hub at any given time. This allows
       admins to control the size of their clusters.
    5. Memory limits & guarantees (set via `singleuser.memory`) can now contain fractional
       units. So you can say `0.5G` instead of having to use `512M`.
    And lots more!
    It is our responsibility as software authors to make it very easy for admins to set up
    HTTPS for their users. v0.5 makes this much easier than v0.4. You can find the new
    instructions [here]( and
    they are much simpler!
    You can also now use your own HTTPS certificates & keys rather than using Let's Encrypt.
    The following new authentication providers have been added:
    1. GitLab
    2. CILogon
    3. Globus
    You can also set up a whitelist of users by adding to the list in `auth.whitelist.users`.
    You can always put extra snippets of `` configuration in
    `hub.extraConfig`. Now you can also add extra environment variables to the hub
    in `hub.extraEnv` and extra configmap items via `hub.extraConfigMap`. ConfigMap
    items can be arbitrary YAML, and you can read them via the `get_config` function in
    your `hub.extraConfig`. This makes it cleaner to customize the hub's config in
    ways that's not yet possible with config.yaml.
    You can also add [external JupyterHub Services](
    by adding them to ``. Note that you are still responsible for actually
    running the service somewhere (perhaps as a deployment object).
    More options have been added under `singleuser` to help you customize the environment
    that the user is spawned in. You can change the uid / gid of the user with `singleuser.uid`
    and `singleuser.fsGid`, mount extra volumes with `` &
    `` and provide extra environment variables with
    Hamid Hassan is a fast bowler who currently plays for the Afghanistan National
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    he plays because "We are ambassadors for our country and we want to show the
    world that Afghanistan is not like people recognise it by terrorists and these
    things. We want them to know that we have a lot of talent as well"
    This release wouldn't have been possible without the wonderful contributors
    to the [zero-to-jupyterhub](,
    [JupyterHub](, [KubeSpawner](
    and [OAuthenticator]( repos.
    We'd like to thank everyone who contributed in any form - Issues, commenting
    on issues, PRs and reviews since the last Zero to JupyterHub release.
    In alphabetical order,
    - [Aaron Culich](
    - [abeche](
    - [Abhinandan Dubey](
    - [Adam Thornton](
    - [Adrin Jalali](
    - [Aidis Stukas](
    - [Aleksandr Blekh](
    - [Alessandro Vozza](
    - [Alex Hilson](
    - [Analect](
    - [Andrea Zonca](
    - [Andreas](
    - [Andrew Berger](
    - [András Tóth](
    - [angrylandmammal](
    - [Anirudh Ramanathan](
    - [Antonino Ingargiola](
    - [apachipa](
    - [Ariel Rokem](
    - [astrodb](
    - [Ayushi Agarwal](
    - [batchku](
    - [bbhopesh](
    - [Bill Major](
    - [Brad Svee](
    - [Brian E. Granger](
    - [BrianVanEtten](
    - [calz1](
    - [Camilo Núñez Fernández](
    - [Carol Willing](
    - [Chris Holdgraf](
    - [Christian Barra](
    - [Christian Moscardi](
    - [Christophe Lecointe](
    - [Christopher Hench](
    - [Christopher Ostrouchov](
    - [ckbhatt](
    - [Cody Scott](
    - [Colin Goldberg](
    - [daleshsd](
    - [danroliver](
    - [Dave Hirschfeld](
    - [David](
    - [Davide](
    - [deisi](
    - [Dennis Pfisterer](
    - [Dennis Verspuij](
    - [Diogo](
    - [dmceballosg](
    - [Dominic Follett-Smith](
    - [Doug Blank](
    - [Enol Fernández](
    - [Erik Sundell](
    - [erolosty](
    - [FalseProtagonist](
    - [fmilano1975](
    - [Forrest Collman](
    - [Fred Mitchell](
    - [Gil Forsyth](
    - [Goutham Balaraman](
    - [gryslik](
    - [gweis](
    - [haasad](
    - [hani1814](
    - [Hanno Rein](
    - [harschware](
    - [Ian Allison](
    - [Isaiah Leonard](
    - [J Forde](
    - [Jacob Tomlinson](
    - [jai11](
    - [jbmarcille](
    - [Jeet Shah](
    - [Jeroen Vuurens](
    - [Jessica B. Hamrick](
    - [jiamicu](
    - [jiancai1992](
    - [jm2004](
    - [joefromct](
    - [John Haley](
    - [jonny86](
    - [Joshua Milas](
    - [JoshuaC3](
    - [João Vítor Amaro](
    - [Justin Ray Vrooman](
    - [Keith Callenberg](
    - [KenB](
    - [Kenneth Lyons](
    - [krak3nnn](
    - [Kristiyan](
    - [Kuisong Tong](
    - [kuldeepyadav](
    - [Kyle Kelley](
    - [lcfcefyn](
    - [Leo Gallucci](
    - [lesiano](
    - [Lorena A. Barba](
    - [lrob](
    - [Lukasz Tracewski](
    - [Mahesh Vangala](
    - [Marco Sirabella](
    - [marcostrullato](
    - [Marius van Niekerk](
    - [MarkusTeufelberger](
    - [Matt Koken](
    - [Matteo Cerutti](
    - [Matthias Bussonnier](
    - [Michael Li](
    - [Mike](
    - [MikeM](
    - [Min RK](
    - [misolietavec](
    - [Moiz Sajid](
    - [Morgan Jones](
    - [mraky](
    - [mrinmoyprasad](
    - [nabriis](
    - [Nickolaus D. Saint](
    - [Nocturnal316](
    - [Olivier Cloarec](
    - [Pedro Henriques dos Santos Teixeira](
    - [Pranay Hasan Yerra](
    - [prof-schacht](
    - [Puneet Jindal](
    - [R. C. Thomas](
    - [ramonberger](
    - [Randy Guthrie](
    - [Richard Caunt](
    - [richmoore1962](
    - [Rishika Sinha](
    - [Robert Wlodarczyk](
    - [Ruben Orduz](
    - [Ryan Lovett](
    - [Ryan Wang](
    - [rydeng](
    - [SarunasG](
    - [Saul Shanabrook](
    - [Scott Calabrese Barton](
    - [Scott Sanderson](
    - [Simon Li](
    - [Stefano Nicotri](
    - [surma-lodur](
    - [Sven Mayer](
    - [swigicat](
    - [SY_Wang](
    - [Thomas Kluyver](
    - [Thomas Mendoza](
    - [Tim Head](
    - [toddpfaff](
    - [Tom O'Connor](
    - [toncek87](
    - [Tony ](
    - [Travis Sturzl](
    - [Tyler Cloutier](
    - [uday2002](
    - [Udita Bose](
    - [uttamkumar123](
    - [will](
    - [Wilmer Ramirez](
    - [xgdgsc](
    - [Yan Zhao](
    - [Yinan Li](
    - [yoryicopo](
    - [Yu-Hang "Maxin" Tang](
    - [Yuvi Panda](
    - [Zachary Ogren](
    - [Zhenwen Zhang](
    - [Zoltan Fedor](
  • v0.4-doc
  • v0.4
    f7f3ff6d · Tag v0.4 ·
    v0.4 - [Akram](#akram) - 2017-06-23
    Stability, HTTPS & breaking changes.
    Installation and upgrades
    We **recommend** that you delete prior versions of the package and install the
    latest version. If you are very familiar with Kubernetes, you can upgrade from
    an older version, but we still suggest deleting and recreating your
    Breaking changes
    * The **name of a user pod** and a **dynamically created home directory [PVC (PersistentVolumeClaim)](** no longer include
      the `userid` in them by default. If you are using dynamic PVCs for `home`
      directories (which is the default), you will need to *manually rename* these
      directories before upgrading.
      Otherwise, new PVCs will be created, and users might freak out when viewing the newly created directory and think that their home directory appears empty.
      See [PR #56]( on
      what needs to change.
    * A **[StorageClass](**
      is no longer created by default. This shouldn't affect most new installs,
      since most cloud provider installations have a default (as of Kubernetes 1.6).
      If you are using an older version of Kubernetes, the easiest thing to do is to
      upgrade to a newer version. If not, you can create a StorageClass manually
      and everything should continue to work.
    * `token.proxy` is removed. Use **`proxy.secretToken`** instead.
      If your `config.yaml` contains something that looks like the following:
          proxy: <some-secret>
      you should change that to:
          secretToken: <some-secret>
    * Added **GitHub Authentication support**, thanks to [Jason Kuruzovich](
    * Added **[Ingress]( support**!
      If your cluster already has Ingress support (with automatic Let's Encrypt support, perhaps),
      you can easily use that now.
    * We now add a **label** to user pods / PVCs with their usernames.
    * Support using a **static PVC** for user `home` directories or for the hub database. This makes this release usable
      with clusters where you only have one NFS share that must be used for the whole hub.
    * **PostgreSQL** is now a supported hub database backend provider.
    * You can set annotations & labels on the **proxy-public service** now.
    * We now use the official [configurable http proxy](
      (CHP) as the proxy, rather than the unofficial
      [nchp]( This should be a
      no-op (or require no changes) for the most part. JupyterHub errors might
      display a nicer error page.
    * The version of KubeSpawner uses the official Kubernetes
      [python client]( rather
      than [pycurl]( This helps with scalability a little.
    * The deprecated `createNamespace` parameter no longer works, alongside the
      deprecated `name` parameter. You probably weren't using these anyway - they
      were kept only for backwards compatibility with very early versions.
    This release made possible by the awesome work of the following contributors
    (in alphabetical order):
    * [Analect](
    * [Carol Willing](
    * [Jason Kuruzovich](
    * [Min RK](
    * [Yuvi Panda](
    [Wasim Akram]( (وسیم اکرم) is considered by many to be
    the greatest pace bowler of all time and a founder of the fine art of
    [reverse swing bowling](
  • 0.3.1
    9649f746 · Freeze version 3.1 ·
    Release v0.3.1
    Corresponds to helm chart release v0.3.1
  • v0.3.1
    3780008e · Bump version to v0.3.1 ·
    v0.3.1: KubeSpawner updates!
    - KubeSpawner has gained several new features, thanks
      to the work of Daniel Rodriguez and ktongsc! Specifically,
      we have support for init containers, node selectors,
      pod lifecycle hooks, etc. These can be used with the
      extraConfig override for now
    - Add easy ability to specify pod lifecycle hooks via the
      helm chart!
  • v0.3
    193a0071 · Update tag to v0.3 ·
    v0.3: Deployer UX fixes!
    - No need to restart hub manually after some changes - it is
      automatically restarted now. You can disable an automatic
      restart of hub after an upgrade with the following:
      1. Finding out the current helm release's revision
      2. Adding '--set revisionOverride=<current-revision>' to your
         upgrade command.
      Only do this if you know exactly what you are doing :)
    - Base images for everything upgraded to ubuntu 17.04. We can
      define the support lifecycle for the helm chart in the future,
      and decide on the base images at that point.
    - Add a timestamp to the job name for the pre-puller job. This
      prevents having to manually delete it when an install fails and
      has to be tried again. Because the Release Revision hadn't changed
      when the upgrade fails, trying again will cause it to fail with a
      'job already exists' error. Adding the Timestamp to job name should
      hopefully fix that
  • v0.2
    19fbc10c · Update tag to v0.2 ·
    - Get rid of cull pod, move it inside the hub pod as a
      managed service
    - Set a default 1G memory guarantee for user pods
    - Allow setting a static global password for Dummy Authenticator
    - Allow setting extra static environment variables for user pods
      from the helm config
    - Upgrade kubespawner version (no major functional changes)
  • v0.1
    e27195b3 · Release v0.1 ·
    Initial public release! has