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Commit 768dcc84 authored by henryjandrew's avatar henryjandrew

Slight tweaks to the BinauralDaff demo

parent 8a172160
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ receiver_position = [3 1.7 -4]; %NOTE: in openGL coordinated (used by RAVEN) the
% NOTE: A simulation with azimuthResolution=3 and elevationResolution=45
% takes about 20 minutes on a regular computer
azimuthResolution=45; %in degrees. NOTE, small values here may result in large simulation times
azimuthResolution=3; %in degrees. NOTE, small values here may result in large simulation times
simulate_room = true; %do simulation, or just load results from current workspace?
automatic_rotate_sim = true; %set to true to automatically rotate the room, or false to manually rotate with a slider
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ va.set_output_gain( 0.5 )
va.add_search_path( pwd );
% Create a signal source and start playback
X = va.create_signal_source_buffer_from_file( [ ravenBasePath '\RavenDatabase\SoundDatabase\Conga_ITA.wav']); % make sure that this path is correct
X = va.create_signal_source_buffer_from_file( [ ravenBasePath '\RavenDatabase\SoundDatabase\Conga_ITA.wav']);
va.set_signal_source_buffer_playback_action( X, 'play' )
va.set_signal_source_buffer_looping( X, true );
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