Commit ef21eaa1 authored by Jan-Gerrit Richter's avatar Jan-Gerrit Richter

bugfix: alpha and beta angles are no longer switched compared to Morimotos definition

parent 6342dae6
......@@ -420,8 +420,8 @@ classdef itaCoordinates
% phi = 0..2*pi
% theta = 0..pi
beta = mod(phiMod, 2*pi); %#ok<PROP>
alpha = thetaMod; %#ok<PROP>
alpha = mod(phiMod, 2*pi); %#ok<PROP>
beta = thetaMod; %#ok<PROP>
this.mCoord = [r alpha beta]; %#ok<PROP>
this.mCoordSystem = 'pol';
case 'sph'
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