Commit ddc4cede authored by Marco Berzborn's avatar Marco Berzborn
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Changed setup and path handling to save to user's local path.

Avoids writing MATLAB's global pathdef.m. Also fixes issue introduced in 743096db
parent 5e416ad5
......@@ -46,23 +46,18 @@ if ~signalfound
%% Get root of RWTH-ITA-Toolbox
tb_setup_path = which( 'ita_toolbox_setup.m' );
tb_base_path = fileparts( tb_setup_path );
% Switch to user pathdef instead of system-wide pathdef
% (which might open admin permissions dialog and corrupt Matlab for other users)
pathdef_user_path = fullfile( userpath(), 'pathdef.m' );
savepath( pathdef_user_path )
addpath( tb_base_path ); % ... now adds toolbox path to user pathdef.m
tb_setup_path = which('ita_toolbox_setup.m');
tb_base_path = fileparts(tb_setup_path);
%% Add path to kernel, so basic functions are available
addpath([tb_base_path filesep 'kernel']);
addpath([tb_base_path, filesep, 'kernel']);
%% Add userpath, here might be our pathdef.m
%% ITA-Toolbox path handling
% this function has to be in the kernel directory!!!
% this function has to be in the kernel directory!
%% License and Key?
% if exist('ccx','file')
% ccx
% thisFuncStr = [upper(mfilename) ': ']; %#ok<NASGU> Use to show warnings or infos in this functions
% cprintf('blue',[thisFuncStr 'ccx.m clears all and sets warning messages. \n'])
% end
% <ITA-Toolbox>
% This file is part of the ITA-Toolbox. Some rights reserved.
% You can find the license for this m-file in the license.txt file in the ITA-Toolbox folder.
% </ITA-Toolbox>
% Set path
disp('Loading ita_toolbox_path from local pathdef.')
......@@ -47,23 +47,17 @@ if ~isempty(outpathList)
%% Save the path list if possible
ita_verbose_info('ita_path_handling::Saving Path List...',1);
save_state = savepath;
if save_state == 1
disp('Oh Lord. I cannot save the path list for you. Saving pathdef to your home folder');
if isempty( evalin('base','userpath'))
ita_verbose_info('ita_path_handling::Saving path list to your users pathdef.m...',1);
upath = userpath();
if isempty(upath)
userfolder = evalin('base','userpath');
if strcmp(userfolder(end),pathsep)
userfolder = userfolder(1:end-1);
copyfile(fullfile(fullpath,'kernel','StandardRoutines','ita_startup.m'), fullfile(userfolder,'startup.m'))
catch theError
ita_verbose_info('ita_path_handling:writing pathdef unsuccessful, because:',0);
if isempty(userpath())
ita_verbose_info('Oh Lord! I cannot set your userpath. Please check if the default directory exists or manually try saving your path variable.', 0);
save_state = savepath(fullfile(upath, 'pathdef.m'));
if save_state == 1
ita_verbose_info('Oh Lord! I could not write to your users pathdef.m', 0);
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