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Commit da81a742 authored by Markus Mueller-Trapet's avatar Markus Mueller-Trapet
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bugfix (first part) for scatter plots, data is exported at least, but line is still created in GLE

parent 2b11ed86
......@@ -286,8 +286,8 @@ try
% differentiate between plot types
% standard line plot
plotType = get(chdr{iGraph},'Type');
if any(strcmpi(plotType,'line')) && ~(any(strcmpi(plotType,'bar')) || any(strcmpi(plotType,'patch'))) % workaround for bar plots
files = [files gle_makeplot(fid,axesHandles(iGraph),chdr{iGraph}(strcmpi(plotType,'line')),PlotLegends{iGraph},DeltaX,DeltaY,iGraph,sArgs,'line')];
if any(strcmpi(plotType,'line') | strcmpi(plotType,'scatter')) && ~(any(strcmpi(plotType,'bar')) || any(strcmpi(plotType,'patch'))) % workaround for bar plots
files = [files gle_makeplot(fid,axesHandles(iGraph),chdr{iGraph}(strcmpi(plotType,'line') | strcmpi(plotType,'scatter')),PlotLegends{iGraph},DeltaX,DeltaY,iGraph,sArgs,'line')];
% bar graphs (toolbox bar plots use patches)
elseif any(strcmpi(plotType,'bar')) || any(strcmpi(plotType,'patch')) || (any(strcmpi(plotType,'hggroup')) && any(isprop(chdr{iGraph},'BarLayout'))) % rsc - bar plot are hggroup but have a BarLayout Property
......@@ -662,13 +662,22 @@ fprintf(fid,'\tylabels dist axisLabelDist\n');
%% here come the actual plots
if strcmpi(plot_type,'line') || strcmpi(plot_type,'errorbar')
% gather line-specific data
line_color = get(chdr,'Color');
marker = get(chdr,'marker');
% marker_size = get(chdr,'MarkerSize');
line_style = get(chdr,'LineStyle');
line_width = get(chdr,'LineWidth');
line_color = cell(numel(chdr),1);
line_style = cell(numel(chdr),1);
for iChdr = 1:numel(chdr)
if strcmpi(chdr(iChdr).Type,'scatter')
line_color{iChdr} = chdr(iChdr).CData;
line_style{iChdr} = 'o';
% gather line-specific data
line_color{iChdr} = get(chdr(iChdr),'Color');
line_style{iChdr} = get(chdr(iChdr),'LineStyle');
line_color = get(chdr,'FaceColor');
if ~iscell(line_color)
line_color = {line_color};
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