Commit b9fa7f81 authored by Lukas Aspöck's avatar Lukas Aspöck

added raven demo script to start and configure acoustic animation from Matlab

parent 306ca1bb
%% RAVEN simulation: Example to start an acoustic animation script from MATLAB
% Author:
% date: 2019/06/25
% Example script to configure and run an acoustic animation.
% Running an acoustic animation is more efficient if operated from a batch
% script instead of this matlab script (see bin64\runAnimationTest.bat)
% <ITA-Toolbox>
% This file is part of the application Raven for the ITA-Toolbox. All rights reserved.
% You can find the license for this m-file in the application folder.
% </ITA-Toolbox>
% set raven base path if not installed in default directory
ravenBasePath = 'C:\ITASoftware\Raven\';
% load raven project test file for acoustic animation
animationRPFfile = [ ravenBasePath 'RavenInput\Animation\AnimationTest.rpf' ];
animationMatlabObject = itaRavenProject(animationRPFfile); % to modify simulation settings
%% load and modify acoustic animation settings file
animationSettings = [ ravenBasePath 'RavenInput\Animation\AnimationTest.ini' ];
animationSettingsFile = IniConfig();
animationSettingsFile.ReadFile(animationSettings); % load the settings file to the matlab workspace to modify configuration
% example settings
animationSettingsFile.SetValues('AcousticAnimation', 'blockSize', 1024); % set blocksize length to 1024
animationSettingsFile.SetValues('AcousticAnimation', 'overlap', 0.2); % set block overlap to 20%
animationSettingsFile.SetValues('AcousticAnimation', 'rayTracingUpdateRadius', 0.35); % change to ray tracing update to 35 cm
% change path to source position file. Note: if relative paths are used,
% paths are relative to the raven binary, not relative to current your matlab path
% Info: Format creating files for receiver and source positions
% time posx posy poz viewx viewy viewz upx upy upz
animationSettingsFile.SetValues('AcousticAnimation', 'sourcePositionFile','..\RavenInput\Animation\AnimationTestSource.ini');
% save acoustic animation settings file
%% run animation script.
% Note: The acoustic animation script uses a special binary to run the simulation (bin64/RavenConsoleAcousticAnimation64)
prevPath = pwd;
cd([ravenBasePath 'bin64\']);
dos([ 'RavenConsoleAcousticAnimation64.exe "' animationRPFfile '" -acousticanimation "' animationSettings '"' ],'-echo');
%% check / play results
outputFile=ita_read([ravenBasePath outputFilePath(4:end) ]);
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