Commit a0321703 authored by Lukas Aspöck's avatar Lukas Aspöck

deleted test file

parent dd1a2ced
% clear;
myProject = itaRavenProject('0000 RavenProjectFiles\Quader.rpf'); % local project
% myProject = itaRavenProject('0000 RavenProjectFiles\QuaderAbsPath.rpf'); % local project
% myProject = itaRavenProject('E:\aspoeck\Entwicklung\VA\RavenInput\Quader\Quader.rpf');
% myProject = itaRavenProject('E:\aspoeck\Entwicklung\VA\RavenInput\Quader\QuaderAbsPath.rpf'); %project file with absolute paths
% myProject = itaRavenProject('E:\aspoeck\Entwicklung\VA\RavenInput\RR_Scene09_SeminarRoom\RR_Scene09_SeminarRoom.rpf');;
% myProject.openOutputFolder;
myIR = myProject.getMonauralImpulseResponseItaAudio;
\ No newline at end of file
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