Commit 92e77ef8 authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer


-now expects nBins instead of fftDegree
parent 891440e1
function audioObj = ita_result2audio_spk(resultObj, samplingRate, fftDegree, varargin)
function audioObj = ita_result2audio_spk(resultObj, samplingRate, nBins, varargin)
%ita_result2audio_spk - Converts an itaResult with frequency data into
%itaAudio using interpolation and extrapolation in the frequency domain
% Data outside of the valid frequency range is extrapolated with zeros.
% Optionally, a filter can be applied.
% Syntax: itaResult = ita_result2audio_spk(itaResult, samplingRate, fftDegree, Options)
% Syntax: itaResult = ita_result2audio_spk(itaResult, samplingRate, nBins, Options)
% Options (default):
% filter ('none'): 'none', 'lowpass', 'highpass', 'bandpass'
......@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ function audioObj = ita_result2audio_spk(resultObj, samplingRate, fftDegree, var
thisFuncStr = [upper(mfilename) ':'];
%% Initialization and Input Parsing
sArgs = struct('pos1_data','itaResult','pos2_samplingRate','integer', 'pos3_fftDegree','numeric');
ita_parse_arguments(sArgs,{resultObj, samplingRate, fftDegree});
sArgs = struct('pos1_data','itaResult','pos2_samplingRate','integer', 'pos3_nBins','integer');
ita_parse_arguments(sArgs,{resultObj, samplingRate, nBins});
assert(logical(resultObj.isFreq), [thisFuncStr 'Data must be in frequency domain.'])
sArgs = struct('filter', 'none', 'filterorder', 20);
......@@ -34,7 +34,6 @@ doLowPass = isequal(sArgs.filter, 'bandpass') || isequal(sArgs.filter, 'lowpass'
doHighPass = isequal(sArgs.filter, 'bandpass') || isequal(sArgs.filter, 'highpass');
doBandPass = isequal(sArgs.filter, 'bandpass');
[~, nBins] = ita_get_nSamples(fftDegree);
fMin = resultObj.freqVector(1);
fMax = resultObj.freqVector(end);
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