Commit 92905277 authored by Jan-Gerrit Richter's avatar Jan-Gerrit Richter
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removed itaHRTF buildsearchdatabase function and the warning to speed up search by using it

its not exactly stable and will give up at the poles if multiple points are defined
parent 38f245ee
......@@ -684,11 +684,7 @@ classdef itaHRTF < itaAudio
%HRTFout = this.direction(idxCoord);
function this = buildsearchdatabase(this)
this.dirCoord = this.dirCoord.build_search_database;
function obj = direction(this, idxCoord)
%return the HRTF (L&R) for a/multiple given direction indices
......@@ -27,9 +27,6 @@ if exist('KNNSearch','file') == 3 && ~isempty(this.mPtrtree) % Only if external
[ind,dist] = KNNSearch(this.cart,coords.cart,this.mPtrtree,num);
%% Old one, using Matlab code
if ita_preferences('verboseMode') && size(this.cart,1) > 10
disp('findnearest@itaCoordinates: You can speed this up by calling ''build_search_database'' prior to the search')
for idinput = 1:size(coords.cart,1)
dists = sqrt(sum((this.cart-repmat(coords.cart(idinput,:),size(this.cart,1),1)).^2,2));
for idx = 1:num
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