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added RAVEN/VA demo script to run a full sphere receiver orientation simulation in a room

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%% RAVEN head rotiation simulation & Auralization with VirtualAcoustics
% Author: Henry Andrew / Lukas Aspck
% Contact:
% date: 2019/06/19
% Example to simulate head rotation in a classroom and store it in a DAFF file
% For auralization, use VA's binaural free field renderer and set the HRIR database
% to the simulated BRIR database
% If not available, get VirtualAcoustics on
% <ITA-Toolbox>
% This file is part of the application Raven for the ITA-Toolbox. All rights reserved.
% You can find the license for this m-file in the application folder.
% </ITA-Toolbox>
%--------------------------------User Settings-----------------------------
% Modify path if RAVEN was not installed in the default location
ravenBasePath = 'C:\ITASoftware\Raven\';
raven_project_filename = [ ravenBasePath 'RavenInput\Classroom\Classroom.rpf'];%'Shoebox_room.rpf'; %raven project file of room
source_directivity_filename = [ ravenBasePath 'RavenDatabase\DirectivityDatabase\Singer_2011_FWE_TLE_norm.daff']; %path to raven database emtries
receiver_directivity_filename = [ ravenBasePath 'RavenDatabase\HRTF\2017_FABIAN_HATO-0_HRIR_LAS_D170_1x1_128_norm_sampleShift10.v15.daff'];
out_file_prefix = 'Classroom';
source_position = [7.0000 1.7000 -4.0000]; %NOTE, make sure these are inside the room!
receiver_position = [3 1.7 -4];
% NOTE: A simulation with azimuthResolution=3 and elevationResolution=45
% takes about 20 minutes on a regular computer
azimuthResolution=3; %in degrees. NOTE, small values here may result in large simulation times
simulate_room = true; %do simulation, or just load results from current workspace?
automatic_rotate_sim = true; %set to true to automatically rotate the room, or false to manually rotate with a slider
%% Create the Daff files to be used in auralisation
%loads data from a raven project. Incudes lots of methods to calculate things/ extract data etc
rpf = itaRavenProject(raven_project_filename);
rpf.setModel([ ravenBasePath 'RavenModels\Classroom\']);
if( simulate_room )
% ------------------------Load the raven project file----------------------
rpf.setReceiverHRTF(receiver_directivity_filename); %load a HRTF for the receiver
rpf.setSourceViewVectors([-1 0 0]);
rpf.setSourceUpVectors([0 1 0]);
%------------------------Create receiver orientations----------------------
%generates set of coordiates for a sphere in struct with azimuthal and elevation resolution as stated above
mySphereView = ita_generateSampling_equiangular(azimuthResolution,elevationResolution);
mySphereUp = mySphereView;
mySphereUp.theta = mySphereUp.theta - pi/2;
mySphereView.cart=mySphereView.cart(:,[1 3 2]);
mySphereUp.cart=mySphereUp.cart(:,[1 3 2]);
%-----------------------------Main simulation loop-------------------------
myBRIRs=itaAudio(1,mySphereView.nPoints); %matrix where the simulation data will be stored
for iRec=1:mySphereView.nPoints
% set RAVEN receiver names, position and orientations
rpf.setReceiverNames([ 'receiver' num2str(iRec-1) ]); %THOUGHT: could you do this in one iteration with lots of receivers?
% run raven simulation; %calculate the Impulse Response for this orientation
%save the impulse response for this orientation to myBRIR indexed with the current loop counter
myBRIRs(iRec) = rpf.getBinauralImpulseResponseItaAudio;
disp(['########### FINISHED ' num2str(iRec) ' of ' num2str(mySphereView.nPoints) ' ###########']); %display progress
%save some workspace variables as a matlab file
save([out_file_prefix num2str(azimuthResolution) 'x' num2str(elevationResolution) '.mat'],'myBRIRs','rpf','azimuthResolution','elevationResolution');
%---------------------------------Create daff------------------------------
DAFF15FileName = [out_file_prefix num2str(azimuthResolution) 'x' num2str(elevationResolution) '.v15.daff'];
% create new daff dataset
dataset = daffv15_create_dataset('alphares', azimuthResolution, ...
'betares', elevationResolution, ...
'alpharange', [0 360], ...
'betarange', [0 180], ...
'channels', 2);
dataset.channelLabels = {'Left' 'Right'};
dataset.samplerate = 44100;
dataset.metadata.dataOrigin = raven_project_filename;
dataset.metadata.url = 'http://';
%populate DAFF dataset with calculated BRIR info
for iDataSet=1:dataset.numrecords
alpha = dataset.records{iDataSet}.alpha; %get angles of this entry in DAFF dataset
beta = dataset.records{iDataSet}.beta;
%find the calculated data for this angle combination (alpha/ beta)
currentData = 0.9*myBRIRs((alpha/dataset.alphares)*dataset.betapoints+(beta/dataset.betares)+1).timeData;
dataset.records{iDataSet}.data = currentData(1:44100,:)'; %copy data over to DAFF dataset, only first second
% Write the DAFF file
daffv15_write('filename', DAFF15FileName, ...
'content', 'IR', ...
'dataset', dataset, 'verbose');
DAFF17FileName = strrep(DAFF15FileName,'v15','v17');
additional_metadata = daffv17_add_metadata( [], 'Web resource', 'String', '' );
additional_metadata = daffv17_add_metadata( additional_metadata, 'DELAY_SAMPLES', 'Float', '0' );
daffv17_convert_from_daffv15( DAFF15FileName, DAFF17FileName,additional_metadata );
%% Connect to VA server
va = itaVA;
va_connect( va ); %function called to connect to automatically open VA and connect to it
% va.connect( 'localhost' ) %connect to a va server which is already running
%% Auralise simulated data
% Control output gain
va.set_output_gain( .5 )
% Add the current absolute folder path to VA application
va.add_search_path( pwd );
% Create a signal source and start playback
X = va.create_signal_source_buffer_from_file( [ ravenBasePath '\RavenDatabase\SoundDatabase\Conga_ITA.wav']); % make sure that this path is correct
va.set_signal_source_buffer_playback_action( X, 'play' )
va.set_signal_source_buffer_looping( X, true );
% Create a virtual sound source and set a position
S = va.create_sound_source( 'itaVA_Source' );
va.set_sound_source_position( S, [ 1 0 0 ] ) % Note: This position is only important for the head rotation. Actual sound source position is encoded in the BRIRs
% Create a listener with a HRTF and position him
L = va.create_sound_receiver( 'itaVA_Listener' );
va.set_sound_receiver_position( L, [ 0 0 0 ] )
in_daff_filename = [out_file_prefix num2str(azimuthResolution) 'x' num2str(elevationResolution) '.v17.daff']; %CHANGE to better output name than test
H = va.create_directivity( in_daff_filename );
va.set_sound_receiver_directivity( L, H );
% Connect the signal source to the virtual sound source
va.set_sound_source_signal_source( S, X )
% More information
disp( 'Type ''doc itaVA'' for more information.' )
a = rpf.plotModelRoom;
plot3(a, source_position(1), -source_position(3), source_position(2),'.r','MarkerSize',25);
hold on
plot3(a, [source_position(1),source_position(1)-1], [-source_position(3),-source_position(3)], [source_position(2),source_position(2)],'-r');
plot3(a, receiver_position(1), -receiver_position(3), receiver_position(2), '.b','MarkerSize',25 );
arrow = plot3(a, [receiver_position(1),receiver_position(1)+1], [-receiver_position(3),-receiver_position(3)], [receiver_position(2),receiver_position(2)],'-b');
%---------------------------------plot look directions------------------------------
if( automatic_rotate_sim )
for iAngle=0:5:360
disp(['CurrentAngle: ' num2str(iAngle) ]);
va.set_sound_receiver_orientation_view_up(L,[cosd(iAngle) 0 sind(iAngle)],[0 1 0]);
rcvr_view_vector = receiver_position.*[1 1 -1] + [cosd(iAngle) 0 -sind(iAngle)];
arrow.XData = [receiver_position(1), rcvr_view_vector(1)];
arrow.YData = [-receiver_position(3), rcvr_view_vector(3)];
arrow.ZData = [receiver_position(2), rcvr_view_vector(2)];
va_sliderAzimuth(va,L); %control the direction manually with an angle slider
function va_connect( va )
VAPath = VAbinaryPath(1:end-3);
va.connect( 'localhost' )
catch %open a VA server if not already open
%automatically open va server
system([ which('VAServer.exe') ' localhost:12340 ' fullfile( VAPath, 'conf') '\VACore.ini &'])
for i = 1:20 %try to connect for 20 seconds, then throw an error if sill cannot
pause(1) %give the server time to set up
va.connect( 'localhost' )
if(i == 10)
error( 'Unable to Connect to VA Server' )
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