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Commit 8db66692 authored by Florian Pausch's avatar Florian Pausch
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minor changes

parent b45d2e58
......@@ -2,9 +2,9 @@ classdef itaOptitrack < handle
% class itaOptitrack
% Constructs an itaOptitrack object which is able to communicate with a
% NatNet server application (e.g. Motive). It can be used to log
% tracking data to be further processed or saved in Matlab.
% Constructs an itaOptitrack object to communicate with a NatNet server
% application (e.g. Motive). Can be used to log tracking data for further
% usage in Matlab.
% For proper functionality:
% (1) Run Optitrack's Motive tracker software
......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ classdef itaOptitrack < handle
% as the orientation of the head-mounted rigid body is changed.
% Author: Florian Pausch,
% Version: 2016-06-21
% Version: 2016-11-18
% <ITA-Toolbox>
% This file is part of the ITA-Toolbox. Some rights reserved.
......@@ -297,23 +297,20 @@ classdef itaOptitrack < handle
url = '';
% check Internet connection
% check Internet connection and if url is existing
urljava =;
error('[itaOptitrack] No Internet connection. Missing NatNet SDK cannot be downloaded.')
% url is not existing or computer is not connected to Internet
error(['[itaOptitrack] No Internet connection or, ',url,' does not exist. Missing NatNet SDK cannot be downloaded. Please update URL (l.297) and version (l. 313/317/321).'])
% create directory
fprintf( '[itaOptitrack] Cannot find NatNet SDK on computer. Downloading.' );
fprintf( '[itaOptitrack] Cannot find NatNet SDK. Downloading...' );
error(['[itaOptitrack] Download of NatNet SDK from ',url,' failed. Please update URL (l.297) and version (l.320, l.324).'])
% unzip
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