Commit 8315b08c authored by Marco Berzborn's avatar Marco Berzborn
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bugfix hyperinterpolation sampling

server has moved to https, hotfix to avoid ssl certificate handling
problems caused by MATLAB.
parent 296980e4
......@@ -20,9 +20,18 @@ end
nSH = (nmax+1).^2;
filename = ['md' num2str(nmax,'%03d') '.' num2str(nSH,'%05d')];
url = '';
hyper = str2num(urlread([url filename])); %#ok<ST2NM>
fullurl = strcat(url, filename);
% MATLAB seems to have issues with SSL Certificates
% A workaround is to remove the standard certificate by setting it's
% filename to an empty string. Not the most elegant solution.
options = weboptions('CertificateFilename', '', ...
'ContentType', 'text');
data = webread(fullurl, options);
% use str2num here, as str2double fails to parse the data
hyper = str2num(data); %#ok<ST2NM>
s = itaSamplingSph(hyper(:,1:3),'cart');
s.r = ones(s.nPoints,1);
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