Commit 7addece8 authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer


-added function that allows to run a parametric sweep from Matlab
parent a22ae995
......@@ -25,6 +25,93 @@ classdef itaComsolStudy < itaComsolNode
%% Parametric Sweep from Matlab
function varargout = RunParametricSweep(obj, parameterName, parameterValues, varargin)
%Runs multiple simulation from Matlab varying one Comsol
%paramter and storing the results in .mph files
% Mendatory inputs:
% parameterName: Identifyer of the parameter [char row vector]
% parameterValues: Array of values for the paramter [Numeric vector or cellstring]
% Options(default):
% parameterUnit (''): Unit used for all parameter values [char row vector]
% resultFolder (same as original model): Folder where results are to be stored [char row vector]
% showProgress (false): Enable/disable Comsol UI that shows simulation progress [boolean]
% Output:
% resultPath: Folder where result files are stored
% The simulation results are stored in .mph files with
% filenames based on the original filename and the parameter
% values (e.g. C:\modelPath\modelName_parameterName_-3[s]_result.mph).
% There is a bug in Comsol where the model path which is
% provided by the Matlab Livelink classes does not match the
% real filepath. This occurs when copying a Comsol model to
% another directory, renaming it or also using "Save As" in
% Comsol. The model path in Matlab will still be the original
% one and so the results will be stored there!
%---Parse Options---
sArgs = struct('parameterUnit','','resultFolder',[],'showProgress', false);
sArgs = ita_parse_arguments(sArgs,varargin);
parameterUnit = sArgs.parameterUnit;
resultFolder = sArgs.resultFolder;
showProgress = sArgs.showProgress;
%---Check data types---
if (ischar(parameterValues) && isrow(parameterValues))
parameterValues = {parameterValues};
elseif (isnumeric(parameterValues) && isvector(parameterValues))
parameterValues = sprintfc('%d',parameterValues); %Conversion to cell-string
assert(ischar(parameterName) && isrow(parameterName), 'parameterName must be a char row vector');
assert(iscellstr(parameterValues), 'parameterValues must be a numeric array or a cell string');
assert(isempty(parameterUnit)|| ( ischar(parameterUnit) && isrow(parameterUnit) ),...
'parameterUnit must be a char row vector');
%---Check other stuff---
study = obj.activeNode;
assert(~isempty(study), 'No active study is set yet')
assert(obj.mModel.parameter.Exists(parameterName), 'Given parameter is not part of the Comsol model')
assert(~isempty(, 'Specify a model name first (e.g. by saving it)')
unitParameterExt = '';
if ~isempty(parameterUnit); unitParameterExt = [ '[' parameterUnit ']']; end
%---init folder and filenames---
[folder, name] = fileparts(char(obj.modelNode.modelPath));
if isempty(resultFolder); resultFolder = folder; end
baseModelName = [name '_' parameterName '_'];
baseModelPath = fullfile(resultFolder, baseModelName);
disp('Comsol - Parametric Sweep: Start!')
for idxValue = 1:numel(parameterValues)
parameterValue = [parameterValues{idxValue} unitParameterExt];
obj.mModel.parameter.Set(parameterName, parameterValue);
disp(['Comsol - Parametric Sweep: Starting simulation ' num2str(idxValue) ' of ' num2str(numel(parameterValues)) '.'])
disp(['Comsol - Parametric Sweep: Finished simulation ' num2str(idxValue) '.'])
resultFilename = [baseModelPath parameterValue '_result.mph'];
mphsave(obj.modelNode, resultFilename);
%TODO: Clean up results to free memory?
disp('Comsol - Parametric Sweep: Done!')
disp('The results can be found in the following folder:')
if nargout; varargout{1} = resultFolder; end
%% Frequency Vector
function SetAllFrequencyVectors(obj, freqVector)
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