Commit 757df61b authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer


-added message if evaluating BEM on user-defined coords
-cleaned up some code
parent 6ded33d7
......@@ -139,14 +139,24 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
function [res, metaData] = getResultAtCoords(obj, expression, itaCoords)
[datasetTag, baseDatasetTag] = obj.getDatasetTags(expression);
metaData = obj.createMetaDataStruct(baseDatasetTag);
freqDatasetTag = obj.getResultAtCoordsDatasetTag(expression);
directDatasetTag = obj.getDirectDatasetTag();
metaData = obj.createMetaDataStruct(directDatasetTag);
if contains(expression, 'pabe')
disp('**ITA-COMSOL** Starting evaluating BEM result at user-defined coordinates.')
disp(' This might take a while...')
%Appearently, 'outersolnum' = 'all' does not work for pabe at
%the moment due to a bug. Thus, the solver range is set
%manually using the metaData struct.
freqData = mphinterp(obj.mModel.modelNode, expression, 'coord', itaCoords.cart.', 'dataset', datasetTag,'outersolnum',1:metaData.nSimulations);
freqVector = mphglobal(obj.mModel.modelNode,'freq','dataset',baseDatasetTag,'outersolnum',1:metaData.nSimulations);
freqData = mphinterp(obj.mModel.modelNode, expression, 'coord', itaCoords.cart.', 'dataset', freqDatasetTag,'outersolnum',1:metaData.nSimulations);
freqVector = mphglobal(obj.mModel.modelNode,'freq','dataset',directDatasetTag,'outersolnum',1:metaData.nSimulations);
if contains(expression, 'pabe')
disp('**ITA-COMSOL** Done!')
if numel(size(freqData))==3 %Param sweep
res = obj.createParametricItaResult(freqData, freqVector, itaCoords);
......@@ -204,21 +214,20 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
%% Getting dataset from study
methods(Access = private)
function [datasetTag, baseDatasetTag] = getDatasetTags(obj, expression)
%Returns the dataset used to extract frequency data and the tag
%of the solver's base dataset which contains the frequency
% In case of acpr, both tags are the same but in case of
% pabe, datasetTag refers to a grid dataset.
function datasetTag = getResultAtCoordsDatasetTag(obj, expression)
%Returns the dataset used to extract results at user-defined
% In case of acpr, datasetTag is the same as for
% getDirectDatasetTag() but in case of pabe, datasetTag
% refers to a grid dataset.
if contains(expression, 'pabe')
datasetTag = obj.getBemDatasetTag();
if ~contains(expression, 'acpr')
warning('Expression does not contain physics-tag. Assuming acpr physics.')
warning('Expression does not contain a known physics-tag. Assuming acpr physics.')
datasetTag = obj.getDirectDatasetTag();
baseDatasetTag = obj.getDirectDatasetTag();
function datasetTag = getDirectDatasetTag(obj)
solTag = obj.getMainSolverTag();
......@@ -243,6 +252,8 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
solTag = '';
if isempty(allSolvers); return; end
if && numel(allSolvers)>= 2
%For a parametric sweep, the first solver is the one for a
%single simulation, while the second contains all simulations.
solTag = char(allSolvers(2));
solTag = char(allSolvers(1));
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