Commit 45e95e97 authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer


-now getting result at coordinates also works for BEM (pabe)
-adjusted doc and comments
parent 43a11628
......@@ -81,8 +81,9 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
function [res, metaData] = ByExpression(obj, expression, evalPos)
%For the active study, evaluates the given expression either at
%the mesh nodes or at the given itaCoordinates. Also returns a
%metadata struct that contains information for parametric sweeps.
%the mesh nodes (FEM only) or at the given itaCoordinates. Also
%returns a metadata struct that contains information for#
%parametric sweeps.
% Inputs:
% expression: char row-vector with expression to be evaluated
% evalPos (optional): itaCoordinates with coordinates for evaluation
......@@ -93,15 +94,12 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
% metaData: struct with info on parametric sweep
assert(ischar(expression) && isrow(expression), 'First input must be char row vector with the expression of the result')
%Since the Comsol functions mphinterp and mpheval work
%significantly different for the pabe physics, getting pabe
%results is disabled for now. I am waiting for the Comsol
%Support to help me with this.
if contains(expression, 'pabe')
error('Evaluating BEM (pabe) results is not supported at the moment');
if nargin == 2
%Since the Comsol function mpheval seems to have a bug if
%using the pabe physics, getting pabe results at the mesh
%nodes is disabled.
assert( ~contains(expression, 'pabe'), 'You have to specify coordinates if evaluating a BEM (pabe) result' )
[res, metaData] = obj.getResultAtMeshNodes(expression);
if isa(evalPos, 'itaReceiver')
......@@ -116,16 +114,15 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
%% Extract results
methods(Access = private)
function [res, metaData] = getResultAtMeshNodes(obj, expression)
assert( ~contains(expression, 'pabe'), 'Cannot return expression' )
datasetTag = obj.getDirectDatasetTag();
metaData = obj.createMetaDataStruct(datasetTag);
if ~isempty(metaData.parameterValues) %Param sweep
res = itaResult([1 metaData.nSimulations]);
for idxParam = 1:metaData.nSimulations
%Note that 'outersolnum' = 'all' does not work if the
%mesh is parameter dependent since then the number of
%data points differs between parametric solutions.
%'outersolnum' = 'all' does not work if the mesh is
%parameter-dependent since then the number of data
%points differs between parametric solutions.
%Thus, we have to get the results one by one.
data = mpheval(obj.mModel.modelNode, expression, 'dataset',datasetTag,'outersolnum',idxParam);
itaCoords = itaCoordinates(data.p.');
......@@ -142,10 +139,14 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
function [res, metaData] = getResultAtCoords(obj, expression, itaCoords)
datasetTag = obj.getDatasetTag(expression);
freqData = mphinterp(obj.mModel.modelNode, expression, 'coord', itaCoords.cart.', 'dataset', datasetTag,'outersolnum','all');
freqVector = mphglobal(obj.mModel.modelNode,'freq','dataset',datasetTag,'outersolnum','all');
metaData = obj.createMetaDataStruct(datasetTag);
[datasetTag, baseDatasetTag] = obj.getDatasetTags(expression);
metaData = obj.createMetaDataStruct(baseDatasetTag);
%Appearently, 'outersolnum' = 'all' does not work for pabe at
%the moment due to a bug. Thus, the solver range is set
%manually using the metaData struct.
freqData = mphinterp(obj.mModel.modelNode, expression, 'coord', itaCoords.cart.', 'dataset', datasetTag,'outersolnum',1:metaData.nSimulations);
freqVector = mphglobal(obj.mModel.modelNode,'freq','dataset',baseDatasetTag,'outersolnum',1:metaData.nSimulations);
if numel(size(freqData))==3 %Param sweep
res = obj.createParametricItaResult(freqData, freqVector, itaCoords);
......@@ -203,7 +204,12 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
%% Getting dataset from study
methods(Access = private)
function datasetTag = getDatasetTag(obj, expression)
function [datasetTag, baseDatasetTag] = getDatasetTags(obj, expression)
%Returns the dataset used to extract frequency data and the tag
%of the solver's base dataset which contains the frequency
% In case of acpr, both tags are the same but in case of
% pabe, datasetTag refers to a grid dataset.
if contains(expression, 'pabe')
datasetTag = obj.getBemDatasetTag();
......@@ -212,6 +218,7 @@ classdef itaComsolResult < handle
datasetTag = obj.getDirectDatasetTag();
baseDatasetTag = obj.getDirectDatasetTag();
function datasetTag = getDirectDatasetTag(obj)
solTag = obj.getMainSolverTag();
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