Commit 43a11628 authored by Marco Berzborn's avatar Marco Berzborn

setup path handling compatibility fix for versions of MATLAB before release R2017a

parent b55e0643
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ end
%% Create a custom startup file to set the correct path at startup
str_to_startup = 'addpath(pathdef())';
full_str_to_startup = strcat("disp('Loading ita_toolbox_path from local pathdef.')\n", str_to_startup);
full_str_to_startup = strcat('disp(''Loading ita_toolbox_path from local pathdef.'')\n', str_to_startup);
startup_file_user = fullfile(upath, 'startup.m');
if exist(startup_file_user, 'file')
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