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Contribute wisely...
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#### Contributing to the ITA-Toolbox
You can contribute to the ITA-Toolbox in many ways:
* reporting bugs,
* fixing bugs,
* writing documentation,
* implementing new features,
* improving existing features.
## Reporting Bugs
* Please make sure that the [software requirements]( for using the ITA-Toolbox are fulfilled.
* You can report bugs using the [issue tracker on the projects GitLab page]( or by sending an E-Mail to the [developer mailing list]( Make sure that your bug report is structured and includes all necessary detail for us to fix it. For guidelines on how to write a bug report take a look at [Good Bug Reports]( In short:
* Mention your MATLAB version, the operating system and its version.
* Choose a matching title that is descriptive for your bug.
* Give a SHORT MATLAB code snippet or figure that shows the issue.
* Give a detailed description of the problem at hand.
## Submitting Bugfixes and Features
For style guidelines and best practices in writing code for the ITA-Toolbox please take a look at the corresponding [Wiki section](
You can contribute bugfixes and features by submitting [merge requests]( to the repository.
Make sure that you follow the following guidelines:
* It is highly recommended that you generate a new branch when working on a bugfix or a new feature.
* Work on your fix/feature inside your new branch.
* Create representative tests for your code if you create a new feature.
* Once finished file the merge request. Your merge request will now be reviewed and discussed.
* After all discussions are resolved and your request gets approved your code will be merged into the master branch.
......@@ -22,6 +22,10 @@ Before you start make sure you unpacked the toolbox from the .zip file.
5) Follow the instructions.
6) For an overview of available tutorials and demos:
<ita_tutorialOverview> and <ita_demoOverview>
7) To generate the documentation execute the function
<ita_generate_documentation> followed by <doc> to open it.
It might be necessary to restart MATLAB for the ITA-Toolbox
documentation to appear in the MATLAB help browser.
......@@ -34,4 +38,4 @@ Before you start make sure you unpacked the toolbox from the .zip file.
** Have fun! **
Your ITA-Toolbox Developer Team
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Your ITA-Toolbox Developer Team
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