Commit 3a6055fc authored by Michael Kohnen's avatar Michael Kohnen
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Update ita_CTC_filter.m, fixed bug that made filters not functionable, line 922

parent e67ed00d
......@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@ if opts.smoothing
H = smooth_balasz(H);
case 'gammatone'
% according to Breebards Gamatone Smoothing algorithm
% according to Breebards Gamatone Smoothing algorithm
H = ita_smooth(H,'gammatoneSmooth',1,'abs+gopts.delay');
case 'lifter'
......@@ -919,7 +919,7 @@ switch lower(opts.filterType)
case {'regularized','reg'}
h = merge(H);
N = h.nSamples;
% h = ita_time_window(h,round(opts.winLim*h.nSamples),'samples');
h = ita_time_window(h,round(opts.winLim*h.nSamples),'samples'); % this was commented out, but leads to errors if the inital shift due to start IR cycles something from the impulse to the end. MKO
h = ita_extend_dat(h,max(2*N,2^12),'forceSamples');
%speed up for 2x2 matrices
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