Commit 395ebf8b authored by Jan-Gerrit Richter's avatar Jan-Gerrit Richter
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jri: speed improvement on peak level find in portaudio run (~35%)

parent 788f35a0
......@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ if playback
if verboseMode==2, ita_metainfo_show_channelnames(data); end;
%% Check levels - Normalizing
peak_value = max(abs(data.timeData(:)));
peak_value = max(max(abs(data.timeData)));
if (peak_value > 1) || (normalize_output)
ita_verbose_info('Oh Lord! Levels too high for playback. Normalizing...',0)
data = ita_normalize_dat(data); %PDI: bugfix, there was no 'data =' on the left handside
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