Commit 342efc9c authored by Shaimaa Doma's avatar Shaimaa Doma Committed by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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added function ita_HRTFarc_detectSwitch

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function motorTimeOut = ita_HRTFarc_detectSwitch(audioObject)
%% find times indicating entry and exit points of the switch area
% at the beginning and end of a full arc rotation.
% Input : audioObject - 1 channel with motor signal
% Output: motorTimeOut = [a b c d]
% a, b = first switch range
% c, d = second switch range
% d - a : corresponds to duration extracted from moving arc rigid body (tracking data)
% d - b : 360 omitting most of the acceleration phase
% --> more suitable for rotation speed estimation
% --> preferable range to be used in case of no directional correction via tracking data
% b - a : time spent while passing the first switch
% --> to be added to start time detected from tracking data (ca. a)
% === rectify and integrate signal
absData = audioObject;
absData.timeData = abs(audioObject.timeData);
integData = ita_integrate(absData, 'domain', 'time');
% === round to 3 decimal resolution to remove effect of small fluctuations
integData.timeData = round(integData.timeData,3);
% === start of first switch pulse
switchSamples(1) = find(integData.timeData == min(integData.timeData),1,'last');
% === end of first and start of second switch pulse
% (median is used, assuming that the duration between the two peaks
% is much longer than the switch regions)
switchSamples(2) = find(integData.timeData == median(integData.timeData),1,'first');
switchSamples(3) = find(integData.timeData == median(integData.timeData),1,'last');
% === end of second switch pulse
switchSamples(4)= find(integData.timeData == max(integData.timeData),1,'first');
if switchSamples(3)-switchSamples(2)< switchSamples(2)-switchSamples(1) || ...
switchSamples(3)-switchSamples(2)< switchSamples(4)-switchSamples(3)
% plot data to debug and throw error
switches = zeros(size(integData.timeData));
switches(switchSamples) = 1;; hold on; plot((1:length(switches))/integData.samplingRate,switches)
error('getMotorSwitchTimes: The second peak is detected too early. Please take a look')
motorTimeOut = switchSamples/ integData.samplingRate;
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