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added RAVEN HOA simulation example

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%% RAVEN simulation: Example for HOA simulation of a shoebox (only encoded RIRs)
% Author:
% date: 2019/06/26
% <ITA-Toolbox>
% This file is part of the application Raven for the ITA-Toolbox. All rights reserved.
% You can find the license for this m-file in the application folder.
% </ITA-Toolbox>
%% project settings
ravenBasePath = 'C:\ITASoftware\Raven\';
projectName = [ 'myHOA_ShoeboxRoom' num2str(myLength) 'x' num2str(myWidth) 'x' num2str(myHeight) ];
%% create project and set input data
rpf = itaRavenProject([ ravenBasePath 'RavenInput\Classroom\Classroom.rpf' ]); % modify path if not installed in default directory
rpf.copyProjectToNewRPFFile([ ravenBasePath 'RavenInput\' projectName '.rpf' ]);
rpf.setNumParticles(60000); % 60,000 particles for ray tracing simulation
rpf.setFilterLength(2000); % FilterLength (in ms)
rpf.setISOrder_PS(2); % set Image source order
%% HOA configuration
rpf.setGenerateBRIR(0); % deactivate binaural filters
rpf.setGenerateRIR(0); % deactivate mono filters
rpf.setGenerateISHOA(1); % activate HOA for image sources
rpf.setGenerateRTHOA(1); % activate HOA for ray tracing
rpf.setAmbisonicsOrder(2); % set HOA Order
%% adjust wall materials of room
for iMat=1:6
myAbsorp = 0.1 * ones(1,31); % 10% absorption for all walls
myScatter = 0.3 * ones(1,31); % 30% scattering for all walls
%% start simulation;
%% get results: RAVEN HOA results use the ANC notation:
RIRs = rpf.getAmbisonicsImpulseResponseItaAudio; % as ITA audio object
RIRs_raw = rpf.getAmbisonicsImpulseResponse; % as matrix
%% check results
%% and now?
% results need to be convolved with an anechoic signal (ita_convolve)
% and then decoded using a HOA decoder, e.g., using
% ita_hoa_decode(Bformat, LoudspeakerPos, varargin) for B-Format signals
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