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Commit 0f108ede authored by fpa's avatar fpa
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bug fix

parent 06620497
......@@ -145,7 +145,7 @@ LHeightTracked = LPosTracked(2);
S1 = a.create_sound_source('Source 1'); % name of the sound source as string
a.set_sound_source_position(S1,[2 LHeightTracked 0])
S1ori = ita_rpy2quat(0,0,-pi/2); % calculate quaternion orientation based on roll/pitch/yaw input [rad]
S1ori = ita_rpy2quat(0,0,pi/2); % calculate quaternion orientation based on roll/pitch/yaw input [rad]
S1ori_quat = S1ori.e; % access quaternion coefficients
% The virtual sound source is now positioned on the right side of the receiver,
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ phi = linspace(phi_start,phi_end,nlegs);
S2pos_traj = ([circleR*sin(phi)', repmat(LHeight,nlegs,1), -circleR*cos(phi)']);
% ... and the orientation trajectory
S2ori_traj = ita_rpy2quat(zeros(nlegs,1),zeros(nlegs,1),linspace(90,-90,nlegs)'); % alternatively use ita_vu2quat
S2ori_traj = ita_rpy2quat(zeros(nlegs,1),zeros(nlegs,1),linspace(pi/2,-pi/2,nlegs)'); % alternatively use ita_vu2quat
a.set_signal_source_buffer_looping( X2, true ); % looping yes/no?
% set period of high-precision timer [s] (for precise position updates in the following update loop)
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