Commit 0e6062b4 authored by Philipp Schäfer's avatar Philipp Schäfer

Rework of ita_plot_variation

-now allows to set a method for line plot
    -none, reference, mean, median, directinput
-now allows to have multiple area plots
-added new methods for area plot: percentile
-now legend entries always has a proper order
    -no need for lineisFristPlot option anymore
-now has a proper documentation
-added private helper function for area plots
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function varargout = ita_plot_variation_area(input, sArgs)
%ITA_PLOT_VARIATION - This is a private helper function for
%ita_plot_variation that creates the area plots
% Do not use this function directly! Returns the legend string for the
% created area plot.
% Syntax:
% audioObjOut = ita_plot_variation_area(audioObjIn, sArgs)
% sArgs is the argument struct given by ita_plot_variation.
% Example:
% legendString = ita_plot_variation_area(audioObjIn)
% See also:
% ita_plot_variation
% Reference page in Help browser
% <a href="matlab:doc ita_plot_variation_area">doc ita_plot_variation_area</a>
% <ITA-Toolbox>
% This file is part of the ITA-Toolbox. Some rights reserved.
% You can find the license for this m-file in the license.txt file in the ITA-Toolbox folder.
% </ITA-Toolbox>
% Author: Philipp Schfer -- Email:
% Created: 22-Oct-2019
%% Initialization
domain = sArgs.domain;
xScaleLog = sArgs.logXscale;
axh = sArgs.axes_handle;
% area color
if numel(sArgs.areaColor) == 3
areaColor = sArgs.areaColor;
error('wrong area color format')
% edge color
if ischar(sArgs.edgeColor) && strcmp(sArgs.edgeColor, 'same')
edgeColor = areaColor;
edgeColor = sArgs.edgeColor;
%% x-values
xVec = input.([domain 'Vector']);
%% Raw y-data
if strcmpi(domain, 'freq') % erstmal so, bis sich da jemand was schlaues einfallen laesst
if input.allowDBPlot
inputData = input.freqData_dB;
inputData = input.freqData;
inputData = input.([domain 'Data']);
%% Remove x=0
if xScaleLog % there is no zero in log scale => delete zeros
idx2del = xVec == 0;
xVec(idx2del) = [];
inputData(idx2del,:) = [];
%% Calculate y-values
dataContainsNan = any(isnan(inputData(:)));
switch lower(sArgs.areaMethod)
case 'std'
if dataContainsNan
error('Data contains NaNs. Use option ita_plot_variation(..., ''areaMethod'', ''nanStd'')')
yMeanData = mean(inputData, 2);
yStdData = std(inputData, 1, 2);
yAreaData = [yMeanData-yStdData yMeanData+yStdData];
legendStr = 'std';
case 'nanstd'
yMeanData = nanmean(inputData, 2);
yStdData = nanstd(inputData, 1, 2);
yAreaData = [yMeanData-yStdData yMeanData+yStdData];
legendStr = 'std (without NaNs)';
case 'percentile'
percentileValues = sArgs.percValues;
assert(isnumeric(percentileValues) && numel(percentileValues) == 2, 'Percentile values must be given as 2-element vector.')
percentileValues = sort(percentileValues);
yAreaData = prctile(inputData, percentileValues, 2);
legendStr = sprintf('percentiles [%d %d]%%', percentileValues(1), percentileValues(2));
case 'minmax'
yAreaData = [min(inputData,[],2) max(inputData,[],2)];
legendStr = 'min / max';
case 'directinput'
yAreaData = inputData;
legendStr = '';
error('unknown areaMethod')
%% Remove unwanted data
if sArgs.justTakeFiniteValues
idx2del = any(~isfinite(yAreaData),2);
xVec(idx2del) = [];
yAreaData(idx2del,:) = [];
%% plot
if size(xVec,1) ~= size(yAreaData,1)
error('Number samples in x- and y-data does not match')
patch(axh, [xVec(:); xVec(end:-1:1)], [yAreaData(:,1); flipud(yAreaData(:,2)) ],...
areaColor, 'FaceAlpha', sArgs.faceTransparency,...
'EdgeColor', edgeColor, 'EdgeAlpha', sArgs.edgeTransparency);
%% Output
if nargout
varargout{1} = legendStr;
%end function
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