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......@@ -62,13 +62,6 @@ classdef itaComsolStudy < itaComsolNode
% The simulation results are stored in .mph files with
% filenames based on the original filename and the parameter
% values (e.g. C:\modelPath\modelName_parameterName_-3[s]_result.mph).
% There is a bug in Comsol where the model path which is
% provided by the Matlab Livelink classes does not match the
% real filepath. This occurs when copying a Comsol model to
% another directory, renaming it or also using "Save As" in
% Comsol. The model path in Matlab will still be the original
% one and so the results will be stored there!
%---Parse Options---
sArgs = struct('parameterUnit','','resultFolder',[],'showProgress', false);
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