-bugfix: Index overflow when selecting color for boundary plot
parent dfb14d66
......@@ -166,9 +166,10 @@ classdef itaComsolModelVisualizer < itaAbstract3DModelVisualizer
this.mBoundaryPlotHandles = cell(1, numel(boundaryGroups));
colors = get(groot,'DefaultAxesColorOrder');
for groupID = 1:numel(boundaryGroups)
idxColor = mod(groupID-1, size(colors, 1))+1;
mphviewselection(this.mModel.modelNode, char(boundaryGroups{groupID}.tag),...
'Parent', this.mAxes, 'geommode', 'off', 'edgemode', 'off',...
'facecolorselected', colors(mod(groupID-1, numel(colors))+1, :))
'facecolorselected', colors(idxColor, :))
this.mBoundaryPlotHandles{groupID} = this.mAxes.Children(1);
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