Commit 010a4c77 authored by Marco Berzborn's avatar Marco Berzborn
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removed verbose info from ita_git_read_config

parent fcf1f9cd
......@@ -26,13 +26,9 @@ workingDir = pwd;
% This will only work if git bash bindings are installed.
% TODO: check TortoiseGit command line version
[userName,userMail,statusName,statusMail] = read_config_with_bindings();
if statusName ~= 0 || statusMail ~= 0
% Do not use ita_verbose_info here, as it will result in an infinite
% loop because of an ita_preferences call
disp('Either git was not found on your machine or your username and e-mail are not set in the configuration. You can set them manually using ita_preferences.');
userName = [];
userMail = [];
......@@ -53,7 +49,6 @@ if statusName ~= 0
if statusMail ~= 0
[statusMail,userMail] = system('git config --global');
disp('I took your E-Mail from the global git configuration');
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