Commit b8206201 authored by Pascal Palenda's avatar Pascal Palenda
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Add test for worker factory - WIP

parent 8a2649a2
#include <ITA/simulation_scheduler/room_acoustics/worker_interface.h>
#include "mocks.hpp"
// GTest
#include "gtest/gtest.h"
using namespace ITA::simulation_scheduler;
using namespace room_acoustics;
TEST (WorkerFactoryTest, addNewWorkerType)
CWorkerFactory::registerWorker ( "MockWorker", MockWorker::createWorker );
IWorkerInterface::WorkerConfig config;
config.SetValueInSubList ( "FieldOfDuty", "MockWorker", 0 );
const auto worker = CWorkerFactory::createWorker ( config, nullptr );
ASSERT_NE ( worker, nullptr );
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