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Add result handler interface - WIP

parent 5ccebe31
// std includes
#include <memory>
// API includes
#include <ITA/simulation_scheduler/definitions.h>
// simulation scheduler includes
#include <ITA/simulation_scheduler/room_acoustics/simulation_result.h>
namespace ITA
namespace simulation_scheduler
namespace room_acoustics
/// \brief Result handler interface.
/// This class defines the interface for result handler.
/// \todo Add enable_shared_from_this? As a result a handler has to be instantiated as a shared_ptr. However, if the scheduler doesn't take ownership, passing a raw ptr is preferred anyways.
class ITA_SIMULATION_SCHEDULER_API IResultHandler //: public std::enable_shared_from_this<IResultHandler>
/// \brief Post a result to the handler.
/// With this function a CSimulationResult gets passed to a result handler.
/// \param pResult the CSimulationResult to be passed to the result handler.
virtual void postResultReceived ( std::unique_ptr<CSimulationResult> pResult ) = 0;
} // namespace room_acoustics
} // namespace simulation_scheduler
} // namespace ITA
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