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Adding slightly more infos on headphone reproduction

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......@@ -707,9 +707,9 @@ Description = Equalized Sennheiser HD600 headphones
Enabled = true
# Headphone impulse response inverse file path (can be normalized, but gain must then be applied for calibration)
HpIRInvFile = HD600_all_eq_128_stereo.wav
HpIRInvFilterLength = 22050 # optional, can also be obtained from IR filter length
HpIRInvFilterLength = 22050 # optional, if not given the length of the given IR filter is used
# Headphone impulse response inverse gain for calibration ( HpIR * HpIRInv == 0dB )
HpIRInvCalibrationGainDecibel = 0.1
HpIRInvCalibrationGainDecibel = 6.0 # E.g. if the IR file was exported with 6 dB attenuation to avoid clipping in the file
Outputs = MyHD600HP</code></pre></p>
<h5>Multi-channel cross-talk cancellation reproduction (class <code>NCTC</code>) example</h5>
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