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<h3>Documentation section</h3>
<p>Get more information on how VA is designed <br />and how the core works. </p>
<a href="developers.html" class="button">Discover VA</a>
<a href="documentation.html" class="button">Discover VA</a>
<section class="4u 6u$(medium) 12u$(xsmall)">
<span class="icon alt major fa-flask"></span>
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<span class="icon alt major fa-graduation-cap"></span>
<h3>Research section</h3>
<p>Get a list of publications about VA<br />and it's applications in science.</p>
<a href="developers.html" class="button">Read on</a>
<a href="research.html" class="button">Read on</a>
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<a href="developers.html">Research</a>
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<h2>Research section</h2>
<p>Publications that are related to the Virtual Acoustics framework
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<p>Virtual acoustics is used by the Institute of Technical Acoustics for listening experiments and Virtual Reality applications. As a result, a lot of publications are related to VA. Find the most relevant papers of ITA below. If you are also using VA and want your publications to be listed below, please <a href="legal.html">contact us</a>.<br /><br />
Naturally, VA has implemented a lot of methods that are available by publications of others. Please understand, that we can not give credit to everyone, but if you inspect the source code you will find related publications where appropriate.</p>
<h3>Publication list</h3>
Tobi Lentz
Ingo Assenmacher
Frank Wefers
Dirk Schröder
Dominik Rausch
Jonas Stienen
Lukas Aspöck & Florian Pausch
Johannes Wendt & Andrea Bönsch
Torsten Kuhlen, Michael Vorländer
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<li><a href="" class="icon alt fa-github"><span class="label">ITA GitLab</span></a></li>
<span class="image"><img src="images/rwth_ita_akustik_en_institute_weiss_rgb_blackbg_small.jpg" alt="Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA), RWTH Aachen University" /></span>
<ul class="copyright">&copy; 2017 Institute of Technical Acoustics (ITA), RWTH Aachen University</ul>
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