Improving AirTrafficNoise renderer config desc

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......@@ -585,9 +585,8 @@ OutputMonitoring = true</pre></code>
<h5>Binaural air traffic noise renderer (class <code>BinauralAirTrafficNoise</code>) example</h5>
<p>Filtering is done individually for each source-receiver pair. Involved filters the simulation of propagation paths can also be exchanged by the user for prototyping (requires a modification of simulation flags in the configuration file).
<p>Filtering is done individually for each source-receiver pair. The filter coefficients of the propagation simulation can also be exchanged externally by the user for prototyping, which requires to enable the corresponding flags in the configuration section of the renderer. The filter bank type can currently be selected between IIR (biquad order 10) and FIR (128 coefficients, linear-phase IR generated from spline-interpolated spectrum)
Class = BinauralAirTrafficNoise
Enabled = true
Reproductions = MyTalkthroughHeadphones
......@@ -605,7 +604,8 @@ DirectivityExternalSimulation = false
AirAbsorptionExternalSimulation = false
SpreadingLossExternalSimulation = false
TemporalVariationsExternalSimulation = false
SwitchingAlgorithm = cubicspline</pre></code>
SwitchingAlgorithm = cubicspline
FilterBankType = FIR</pre></code>
<h5>Dummy renderer (class <code>PrototypeDummy</code>) example</h5>
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