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<a style="margin-left: 20px; border-bottom: solid 0px" href=""><img src="images/VA_Redstart_for_windows.png" width="30%"></a><br />
<b>Build name: <a href="">VA_full_preview.v2018a_win32-x64.vc12</b></a><br />
<b>Build name: <a href="">VA_full.v2018a_win32-x64.vc12</b></a><br />
<i>Includes VAServer, Redstart [BETA], VC12 C++ programming libraries, all bindings (except Python) and Unity scripts.
</i><br />
<blockquote>We currently provide a preview version for our beta testers and early adopters to report on first attempt problems. After the testing phase, this preview package will become the first stable release.</blockquote>
<br />
<b>Quick user guide</b>:<br />
Unpack to any location and run the batch scripts from the root folder to start a server (or Redstart) application.<br />
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