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Adding new ASIO focusrite name and fixing some wrong names in matlab function description

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......@@ -262,7 +262,7 @@ ASIO requires a device name to be defined by each driver host. Further common ha
<td><i>2i2, 2i4, ...</i></td>
<td><code>Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver</code></td>
<td><code>Focusrite USB 2.0 Audio Driver</code> or <code>Focusrite USB ASIO</code></td>
......@@ -837,12 +837,12 @@ HRIRFilterLength = 128</pre></code></p>
To work with renderers, use
<pre><code>renderers = va.get_renderers()<br />params = va.get_renderer_parameters( 'renderer_id' )<br />va.set_renderer_parameters( 'renderer_id', params )</code></pre>
<pre><code>renderers = va.get_rendering_modules()<br />params = va.get_renderer_parameters( 'renderer_id' )<br />va.set_renderer_parameters( 'renderer_id', params )</code></pre>
Again, all parameters are returned as structs. More information on a parameter set can be obtained using structs containing the field <code>help</code> or <code>info</code>. It is good practice to use the parameter getter and inspect the key/value pairs before modifying and re-setting the module with the new parameters.
For reproduction modules, use
<pre><code>reproductions = va.get_reproductions()<br />params = va.get_reproduction_parameters( 'reproduction_id' )<br />va.set_reproduction_parameters( 'reproduction_id', params )</code></pre>
<pre><code>reproductions = va.get_reproduction_modules()<br />params = va.get_reproduction_parameters( 'reproduction_id' )<br />va.set_reproduction_parameters( 'reproduction_id', params )</code></pre>
Querying and re-setting parameters works in the same way as described for rendering and reproduction modules.
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