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Renderung modules can be disabled to fast setup changes without copy & paste, because especially reproduction modules can only be instantiated if the sound card provides enough channels. This makes testing on a desktop and switching to a lab environment easier.
<h5>Binaural free field Renderer (class <code>BinauralFreeField</code>)</h5>
<h5>Binaural free field renderer (class <code>BinauralFreeField</code>)</h5>
<pre><code>HRIRFilterLength = 128
......@@ -403,6 +403,7 @@ Enabled = TRUE # (default)</pre></code>
<section id="control">
<h3>Controlling a VA instance</h3>
Once you VA application os running, you want to control it, i.e. create a scene and modify the entities. You do this with scripts and tracking devices.
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