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Commit f452d430 authored by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen's avatar Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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Imrpoving behavior if VAMatlab executable not found

parent d148207a
classdef itaVA < handle
%ITAVA Remote interface for VA real-time auralization servers
%ITAVA Remote network interface to VA (Virtual Acoustics), the real-time
%auralization software made by ITA.
% This class realizes a remote connection to a VA real-time
% auralization server and implements the full VA core interface
% in Matlab. This way you connect to an auralization server
% and control all of its features to perform a real-time
% auralization. In order to get understand to the concepts behind VA
% please refer to the VA documentation.
% in Matlab. You can connect to to the server
% and control all of its features to perform real-time
% auralization, including live tracking if available.
% In order to get understand to the concepts behind VA
% please refer to the VA documentation or have a look at the example scripts.
% Usage & examples:
% See also: itaVA_example_simple, itaVA_example_tracked_listener,
% itaVA_example_generic_path_renderer, itaVA_example_random_numbers
% Quick usage:
% - Create an interface and connect to the server running on the
% same computer (localhost)
% va = itaVA('localhost');
% va = itaVA;
% va.connect;
% If no error occurs, you can then use the interface to work with
% the VA server. Best practice is to reset it first:
% va.reset
% the VA server.
% Then you can call other methods. For instance create a sound
% Now, you can call other methods. For instance create a sound
% source:
% sourceID = va.createSoundSource('Virtual sound source')
% sourceID = va.createSoundSource( 'My Matlab virtual sound source' )
% When everything is done, do not forget to close the connection.
% You can call disconnect on the instance or simply clear it:
% clear va
% - You can find more examples in the demo files
% Questions? Contact the author:
% Otherwise => Enjoy!
properties(Hidden = true, Access = private)
......@@ -45,6 +44,20 @@ classdef itaVA < handle
function [ ok ] = check_for_mex_file()
% Checks if VAMatlab executable can be found.
if ~exist( 'VAMatlab', 'var' )
disp( 'Matlab binding for VA not complete (missing VAMatlab executable).' )
ok = false;
% file dialog
ok = true;
function [version] = getVersion()
% Return the version of the VA Matlab interface
......@@ -100,6 +113,10 @@ classdef itaVA < handle
% core = itaVA('localhost:12340');
if ~check_for_mex_file() )
error( 'Matlab binding for VA requires VAMatlab executable.' );
if (nargin > 0)
......@@ -14,7 +14,16 @@
% Clear everything first, so that no inconsistens
% class instances can exist (we have to use
clear all;
clear all
if exist( 'VAMatlab', 'var' )
warn( 'VAMatlab already found at location "%s", are you sure to build itaVA against this executable? Will proceed now.', which( 'VAMatlab' ) )
if isdir( '../dist/win32-x64.vc12/bin' )
addpath( '../dist/win32-x64.vc12/bin' )
addpath( '../dist/win32-x64.vc12/lib' )
% Uncomment the path you are building your matlab executable against. It is
% sufficient to execute this once for a matlab session. It is always recommended
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