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Commit 2674f942 authored by Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen's avatar Dipl.-Ing. Jonas Stienen
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Improving itaVA install process

parent 8b95abce
......@@ -34,12 +34,13 @@ end
if exist( 'VAMatlab', 'file' )
warning( 'VAMatlab already found at location "%s", are you sure to build itaVA against this executable? Will proceed now.', which( 'VAMatlab' ) )
% Add to PATH temporarily
addpath( script_dir, deploy_dir, lib_dir )
% Add to PATH temporarily and move lib to bin dir
movefile( fullfile( lib_dir, 'VAMatlab*' ), deploy_dir );
addpath( script_dir, deploy_dir )
% Parameters
templateFile = 'itaVA.proto.m';
templateFile = 'itaVA.m.proto';
outputFile = fullfile( script_dir, 'itaVA.m' );
if exist( script_dir, 'dir' ) ~= 7
mkdir( script_dir );
......@@ -58,6 +59,9 @@ fclose( fid );
fprintf( 'Matlab class ''%s'' successfully built\n', outputFile );
% Install examples
copyfile( 'itaVA_example*', script_dir );
% Remove from MATLABPATH (otherwise naming conflicts may occur with
% ITA-Toolbox/applications/VirtualAcoustics/VA/* scripts)
rmpath( script_dir, deploy_dir, lib_dir )
rmpath( script_dir, deploy_dir )
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