Commit 26579f2f authored by henryjandrew's avatar henryjandrew
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fixed minor changes to example_ppa.m

parent e3fed933
......@@ -197,10 +197,12 @@ for n = n_continue:N %loop over frames
run_data{1,n} = paths_update; %save data to struct
waitbar( n / N )
close( h )
save( 'example_ppa_output_data.m', 'run_data', 'all_path_names' ); %save variables to file
save( 'example_ppa_output_data.mat', 'run_data', 'all_path_names' ); %save variables to file
disp('Finished generating path data for every frame. Data is saved in struct "run_data".');
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