Commit 974d427e authored by Jonas Stienen's avatar Jonas Stienen
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Converting secure sprintfs to normal ones.

parent 18b56a32
......@@ -162,7 +162,7 @@ std::string CVAHRIRDatasetDAFF2D::GetName() const {
std::string CVAHRIRDatasetDAFF2D::GetDesc() const {
char buf[1024];
sprintf_s(buf, "DAFF, 2D, %s, discrete %0.0fx%0.0f, %d taps",
sprintf(buf, "DAFF, 2D, %s, discrete %0.0fx%0.0f, %d taps",
(m_oProps.bFullSphere ? "full sphere" : "partial sphere"),
......@@ -34,10 +34,10 @@ public:
CVASampleAndHoldMotionModel() : m_pLastState(nullptr), m_dStartTime(0)
char buf1[255];
sprintf_s(buf1, "SampleAndHoldMotionModel_Estimation_0x%08Xh.log", this);
sprintf(buf1, "SampleAndHoldMotionModel_Estimation_0x%08Xh.log", this);
char buf2[255];
sprintf_s(buf2, "SampleAndHoldMotionModel_Input_0x%08Xh.log", this);
sprintf(buf2, "SampleAndHoldMotionModel_Input_0x%08Xh.log", this);
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