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Commit 6177fcbe authored by Michael Kohnen's avatar Michael Kohnen Committed by Lucas Moesch

fixed index error

parent 20dadb11
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ void CVAAmbisonicsReproduction::SetInputDatasource( ITADatasource* p )
// todo calculate gain @mko
if( j == 0 && k == 0 )
VA_WARN( "AmbisonicsReproduction", "No dynamic HOA matrix calculation based on LS configuration available, using pre-calculated matrix for ITA VR lab" );
double dGain = matYinv( i, j )*vdRemaxWeights[ iCurrentOrder ];
double dGain = matYinv( j, k )*vdRemaxWeights[ iCurrentOrder ];
m_pDecoderMatrixPatchBay->ConnectChannels( 0, int( j ), 0, int( k ), dGain );
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