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Added updated calculation for maximum needed IR length and commented out...

Added updated calculation for maximum needed IR length and commented out source directivity in-development code
parent 09cd7302
......@@ -308,12 +308,24 @@ void CVAPTImageSourceAudioRenderer::Reset()
void CVAPTImageSourceAudioRenderer::SetIRFilterLength() {
//called whenever the room dimensions or image source max order are changed to set a value for the IR filter length which will not be exceeded
float max_dimension = std::fmax(m_RoomLength, m_RoomWidth); //find maximum room dimension
max_dimension = std::fmax(max_dimension, m_RoomHeight);
//-----------------------------------------sort dimensions (bubble sort)--------------------------------------
float first = m_RoomLength, second = m_RoomWidth, third = m_RoomHeight;
if (first > second)
std::swap(first, second);
if (second > third)
std::swap(second, third);
if (first > second)
std::swap(first, second);
int sampling_rate = (int)m_oParams.pCore->GetCoreConfig()->oAudioDriverConfig.dSampleRate; //get the sampling rate from the core config
float c = m_oParams.pCore->GetHomogeneousMediumSoundSpeed(); //get speed of sound from within VA
int max_filter_length = ceil(sampling_rate * (m_MaxOrder + 1) * max_dimension / c) + m_HRIR_length; //calculate the max. filter length needed
float max_distance = 2 * sqrt(pow(third,2) + pow(second/2,2) + pow(third/2,2)); //max distance for a first order image source ray
int max_filter_length = ceil( (m_MaxOrder+1) * max_distance / c * sampling_rate );
m_iIRFilterLengthSamples = min(m_iIRFilterLengthSamples_ref, max_filter_length); //if the max. possible filter length is less than the value given in the config file, set to max filter length
if(m_iIRFilterLengthSamples_ref != m_iIRFilterLengthSamples) //if different filter length to user setting is used
VA_WARN("PTImageSourceAudioRenderer", "Filter length shortened from user input to maximum needed with given room dimensions");
void CVAPTImageSourceAudioRenderer::UpdateFilter()
......@@ -412,11 +424,12 @@ void CVAPTImageSourceAudioRenderer::CalculateImageSourceImpulseResponse(ITASampl
const CVADirectivityDAFFHRIR* pDAFFDirectivityListener = dynamic_cast<const CVADirectivityDAFFHRIR*>(pListenerState->GetDirectivity());
//-------------------------------------------------------experimental source directivity---------------------------------------------------------------
CVASoundSourceState* pSourceNew = (m_pNewSceneState ? m_pNewSceneState->GetSoundSourceState(source_ID) : nullptr);
IVADirectivity *test;
if (pSourceNew != nullptr)
test = (IVADirectivity*)pSourceNew->GetDirectivityData();
......@@ -461,7 +474,7 @@ void CVAPTImageSourceAudioRenderer::CalculateImageSourceImpulseResponse(ITASampl
VAVec3 p_hat_dash, source_angle_polar;
p_hat_dash.x = -p_hat.x * pow(-1, abs(l - u) + abs(l));
p_hat_dash.y = -p_hat.y * pow(-1, abs(m - v) + abs(m));
......@@ -469,7 +482,7 @@ void CVAPTImageSourceAudioRenderer::CalculateImageSourceImpulseResponse(ITASampl
CartVec2PolarVec(p_hat_dash, &source_angle_polar); //finds the angle from the ray leaving the source
//get attenuation factor for this angle
//scale amplitude
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