Commit 4239933a authored by Jonas Stienen's avatar Jonas Stienen
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renaming data files, changing file names in default config

parent 8cf2a68a
......@@ -25,10 +25,9 @@ data_dir = data
# Macros can be defined and will be replaced with given value by the core. Usage: "$(MyMacroName)/" -> "MyValue/"
# Macros are substituted forwardly by key name order (use with care), otherwise stay untouched: A = B; C = $(A) -> $(C) is B
DefaultHRIR = HRIR/ITA-Kunstkopf_HRIR_AP11_Pressure_Equalized_3x3_256.daff
VADefaultHRIRDataset = $(DefaultHRIR)
HumanDir = Directivity/Slenczka_2005_energetic_3d_octave/Saenger.daff
ViolinDir = Directivity/Slenczka_2005_energetic_3d_octave/Geige1.daff
DefaultHRIR = HRIR/
HumanDir = Directivity/
Trompet = Directivity/
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