Commit 12da599e authored by Michael Kohnen's avatar Michael Kohnen

small comment changes

parent 8ce46f3e
......@@ -562,10 +562,8 @@ void CVAAmbisonicsBinauralMixdownReproduction::UpdateScene(CVASceneState* pNewSt
ConvertQuaternionToViewUp(qOrientEstimated, vListenerView, vListenerUp);
ConvertQuaternionToViewUp(qOrientRealWorld, vListenerView2, vListenerUp2);
vListenerPos = m_v3ReproductionCenterPos;
//keep the Listener Position fixed, since we want to keep the virtual loudspeaker array fixed around this position
vListenerPos = VAVec3(0, 0, 0);
vListenerPos = m_v3ReproductionCenterPos;
//Used as a reference point to build rotational quaternions
//ListenerView ListenerUp are first rotated to this standard values to extract angles to the virtual speaker array
......@@ -640,10 +638,8 @@ void CVAAmbisonicsBinauralMixdownReproduction::UpdateScene(CVASceneState* pNewSt
const CVAHardwareDevice* pDevice(m_pVirtualOutput->vpDevices[i]);
if (m_sRotationMode == "ViewUp" || !m_bBFormatIsInit) {
//old functionality to rotate
dAzimuth = GetAzimuthOnTarget_DEG(vListenerPos, vListenerView, vListenerUp, pDevice->vPos); //Old solution
dElevation = GetElevationOnTarget_DEG(vListenerPos, vListenerUp, pDevice->vPos); //Old solution
//double Distance = (pDevice->vPos - vListenerPos).Length(); TO BE DELETED?
dAzimuth = GetAzimuthOnTarget_DEG(vListenerPos, vListenerView, vListenerUp, pDevice->vPos);
dElevation = GetElevationOnTarget_DEG(vListenerPos, vListenerUp, pDevice->vPos);
else if (m_sRotationMode == "Quaternion") {
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